Closing the skills gap in manufacturing with Microsoft Office 365

The industry of manufacturing is being transformed by the rise in the new technology of digital industrial, known as Industry 4.0. The latest and new technologies are changing each and every stage of production, optimizing operations, increasing productivity, and unlocking various new areas of growth. In order for all the manufacturers to capture the value that this technology unlocks, they will require to make sure their workforce has the right tools and the right skills.

This is especially true as it relates to a Firstline Workforce of organization. In manufacturing, Firstline Workers are the employees who deliver materials and products, keep critical equipment running and drive product quality. To help several manufacturers with their digital transformation, we are enabling new ways to work with Microsoft Office 365 for Firstline Workers to communicate, learn, and collaborate much more effectively.

Equipping and Upskilling the Firstline Workforce:-

With the rise of Industry 4.0, all the manufacturers must reimagine the skills, roles, and tools to transform work throughout their company. This means providing various digital and soft skills, empowering workers with advanced modern tools, and blurring the boundaries of modern technology with new experiences that are immersive. In an increasingly complex and digital landscape, the types of skills that employees require are rapidly evolving, and it is quite difficult for the workforce to keep the same pace.

Solutions in Microsoft Office 365 that enable Firstline Workers to communicate, learn, and collaborate include the following:-

  1. Using Microsoft Corporation Teams and SharePoint Online, manufacturers can safely and securely centralize training efforts, easily distribute training and onboarding materials, and connect all levels of the company to find and share best practices ever.
  2. Using Microsoft Stream, companies can deliver dynamic, role-based video and content to increase engagement and retention of various training programs and support peer-to-peer data and information sharing.

To help equip several workers to operate in an environment that is digitally-enabled manufacturing, Teams gives a single hub for teamwork to collaborate, communicate, and coordinate production from the engineering rooms to the respective floor of the factory.

  1. Earlier this year, we announced new various new capabilities—including location sharing, urgent messaging, and image annotations, that organizations can use to create a safer, secure and more efficient workplace. For instance, these features can help workers communicate, identify, and share the location of hazardous spills to help reduce various operational disruptions.
  2. Additionally, Teams of Microsoft Corporation is extensible and allows companies to transform business processes using Microsoft PowerApps and Flow. These services help to digitize activities of every day such as documentation during data capture, quality assurance, and inventory management, helping reduce costs and free up some time for Firstline Workers to focus on activities of higher value.

As Industry 4.0 reshapes the industry of manufacturing, finding various new innovations to help workers communicate, learn, and collaborate remains a top priority. Microsoft Corporation is addressing these challenges through breakthroughs in artificial intelligence (AI) experiences, hardware design, mixed reality with HoloLens 2, and through various business-ready solutions with industry partners and Dynamics 365.

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