What is life all about, every single person in the world lives their own life? Some live it in simplicity whereas some bring the best out of it. Living a less hectic and shallow life is what makes a person understand the actual meanings of simplicity. The main factor that usually differentiates the people living a simple life or the luxury one is the money they have got. But when it comes to peace even the richest ones prefer to be in simplicity as they truly respect the value and importance of the life they are meant to live.

Millionaire or billionaire of many countries lives their life differently and in luxury. The very common thing that is seen in a rich person is the clothes that they wear and the most expensive brands tags on their outfits that make them look rich and popular at the same time. Italian Billionaire (الملياردير الايطالي) moreover owns many clothing brands and companies. Italy is the place where the world’s best designers and clothing brands are found. And of course not only the clothing brands or designers also the most expensive ones. And everything that costs a lot or is expensive for a normal person who is only able to feed his/her family cannot even think of buying such clothes, whereas the higher the price the higher the chance of attraction of the rich people towards the product. The brands that the rich people like and the products are as followed.


It is located in London, England. A luxury British fashion house distributes and designs all ready to wear which includes leather goods, fashion accessories, footwear, eyewear, and the most famous trench coats. The brand has made waves in the industry of beauty. Trademark check pattern makes the clothing brand easily recognizable.


It’s a brand located in Paris. It is so famous because of the high demand rate by the consumers. If the brand stops making any product or if it gets difficult to get its product somehow the prices get extremely high and the reason for being so expensive is only the popularity it has around the world.


It is an Italian fashion company which deals in luxury products. Mainly Versace jeans (فيرساتشي جينز), T-shirts, all other ready-to-wear are preferred by both men and women. The special about this brand for what it’s known are the beautiful creations, brilliant costumes, and unique menswear. The types of clothes it designs are bondage-style leather, mixed baroque prints, animal skin motifs, and ultra fits especially tights.


The brand is mainly known for its bag but it has also made its place in other trendy products including clothing for fashion designs. Dealing with leather products is the brand’s main focus for their consumers.


In the end, I would say it all depends on the thinking, earning, and spending sense. Wearing expensive brands is not a necessity of life but it’s not even an irrelevant step if someone can afford they must go for anything they desire to own.

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