Cloud Servers: Its Benefits and Different Models

cloud serversTo state simply, cloud server is a physical server that uses software to divide one server into multiple virtual servers. The multiple virtual servers are known as virtual machines and are created with the help of a virtualization software. Every business organization that owns a cloud server can remotely operate it from any location via an online interface. You might feel that now every business organization is asking for Cloud servers hosting. It is because this kind of server hosting offers them a series of advantages at the right price.

Benefits of Cloud Servers

Cost- Effectiveness:  One of the main advantages of cloud servers are organizations need to pay for what they are using. To add further, they need not to spend any money required for maintaining server hardware.

Highly Scalable: The organizations with business expansion plans are highly benefitted from cloud servers. These servers are highly scalable, thus computing as well as storage resources are easy to meet with the changing needs of business.

Security & Compliance: The cloud servers offer multi-tenant environment without compromising on security and compliance level.

Integration: This kind of server is easy to integrate with any network and offer uninterrupted communication.

Once you decide to go with cloud server hosting, the next question the service provider asks is whether you want public or private cloud. If you are not aware of the same, this guide can help you.

  1. Private Cloud: In private cloud, only company or organization exclusively uses the cloud computing resources. In this kind of cloud computing, infrastructure and services need to maintain on a private network and software and hardware aspects are maintained by organization. This kind of computing solution is ideal for financial institutions, government agencies and for business with critical operations and required better control over the business environment.
  2. Public Cloud: It is the most common kind of computing solution where cloud resources like storage and servers and operated and owned by cloud service provider. With this kind of cloud computing solution, the service provider manages all software, hardware as well as supporting infrastructure. This kind of computing solution is ideal for companies with testing and development environments. It goes without saying, it is less expensive than private computing.

Many business take advantage of hybrid cloud computing. This kind of computing combines the advantages of both private and private cloud. The hybrid cloud allows apps as well as data to move between two environments safely and hassle-free.

If you are running an online business and want to safeguard your business data by availing cloud server hosting, you need to contact with a reputed service provider. The reputed and professional cloud server service provider understands business requirements and helps them to finalize the right plan at the right price. Because these service providers have different other plans also, thus it may happen that they will try to convince businesses for dedicated servers. But be sure about your requirements and choose cloud server hosting plan if you do not want to compromise with your company’s data security.

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