Coco Restaurant – The Best Choice For Lounge Restaurant London

I went into Coco Restaurant Shad Thames, the best grill in London with a very expansive lounge area. There is a large bar are many tables with comfy seating. The décor is a contemporary style which gives a classy look.

The staff members are friendly and professional. He brought me their menu and explained to me all the different speciality drinks they have. He asked if I would link to order an appetizer while I waited or wanted to, as I could order off the main menu and dine in. The server came to me several times, which I appreciated greatly. 

The lounge area is an exceptionally large area with high ceilings and good ventilation that surrounds the majority of the lounge area. Coco’s restaurant décor is elegant with a colour theme. My server was prompt and sweet, told me of the specials for that night and asked if would like a cocktail drink. I ordered some food along with wine. My server brought me the dishes and presented them artfully on another small plate. I enjoyed the food a lot.

Coco Grill & Lounge restaurant London brings its customers a sophisticated taste and contemporary dishes from the Anatolian peninsula. All of our dishes are seasoned with fresh ingredients. We work closely with our network of farmers to source our halal-certified meats. Our spices and herbs are meticulously sourced to ensure the finest expression of Anatolian flavour.

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