Coconut Coir Bricks Can Be a Great Addition to Traditional Growing Medium

Coco coir, aka coconut coir, is one of the great additions to the traditional medium, for example, when you use coconut coir bricks that contain nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium. Trace elements such as zinc, copper, manganese, and iron are found too.

Coconut coir bricks are the best because of its high water retention capacity. It should be used in hydroponic farms because of its higher total porosity as well as good moisture-holding capacity.

Usefulness of coconut coir bricks

In general, the substrate ensures a better respiration condition in the hydroponic system. Those who have already used coconut coir brinks know that it is a good source of organic matter and improves the growing structure and helps in the management of hydroponic farming.

Coconut Coir Bricks for Retail, Home or Hobby Gardening

Coco coir grow bags, blocks or bricks are beneficial when it comes to growing plants. Coco coir gained a huge market in the horticultural industry. Coco coir bricks became popular from its sustainability as a hydroponic growing medium, but also, from its being a traditional medium amendment in organic gardening.

One of the most essential features of home gardens is its location adjacent to your home, close association with your family and a wide variety of crop as well as livestock species to meet your family requirements. It goes without saying that anything you like to plant in your home environment is home gardening that usually refers to veggies and fruits gardening, and can also include the landscape or ornamental plants.

If you are a home or hobby gardener, looking for an addition for hobby gardening medium, look no further than coconut coir bricks, grow bags or blocks produced by RIOCOCO. RIOCOCO offers premium grade super washed coir husk chip blocks consistent of evenly cut fractions of high-quality coir husks. It is beyond doubt an excellent growing medium for tropical plants, outdoor applications, hydroponics gardening, and more.

Now-a-days, a great number of growers prefer vertical garden towers that are increasing in popularity mostly in urban areas, and some prefer planting fruits, for example strawberries or black berries in hanging baskets. For them coconut coir bricks is great, either of their garden setups or other ways, because it is lightweight, and make the vertical gardens easy to transport, whenever needed.

You can also use RIOCOCO coir green starter bag and premium grade upper washed coconut coir products. These products are super washed coco coir multi-grow mix open top container growing system. They are excellent growing medium for the purpose of hydroponics, indoor-gardening and suitable for growing flowers, vegetables, berries, herbs and a variety of micro greens.

Choose coconut coir bricks Choose RIOCOCO

Summing Up

Coconut coir bricks retain much more efficiently than conventional growing mediums, which is why plants require less frequent watering. Coco coir also has a high level of aeration, because some fruits or vegetables need lots of O2. But one thing you should keep in mind is – when you have decided buy coconut coir with which to grow vegetables or fruits, it is important to check the quality and labels.

Of course, it is a daunting task for many, because a first time grower will not understand what to choose and where to buy. So it would be great for you when you choose an authentic seller only, and one of the best is RIOCOCO.

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