COD Warzone Best Loadout: How to Call and Pick the Custom Gear

COD Warzone can be a dangerous place to play and survive, then you should have the best weapons of the game, and that is why you can perform excellently.

In the new version of the Call of Duty, you will face a bigger crowd of players, which means you will face more danger. In this case, if you can call the loadout, then it can have the capacity to change the course of the game. Calling your loadout will increase the grade of the weapon and explosives options. It comes with some personal perks too. It increases the self-dependency rather than depending on the loot and scavenging stuff. Still, the biggest question lies, which will be the best combination of the Warzone Loadout? Let’s check that out! Shall We?

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There are three weapons which can be suitable for any players:

  • Sand Snake

It is an SMG type of weapon and has more exceptional handling and accuracy. It has range near to an assault rifle. This combination is a complete package when you add the scope on it. Even the fire late is a bit lower than MP5, but it recovers this by the boosted damage and longer bursts shoots.

  • Sterling

It is a Sniper, which category proved that it rules the COD weaponry. It can be used where other weapons can’t reach. It matches Marksman Rifle in range (but a bit better). It posses the higher damage capacity with the most exceptional accuracy. You can increase mobility by adding upgrades available in the game, which helps a lot of players when it comes to changing the position after revealing the location.

  • Dusk

It is an LMG but a bit better in the range and accuracy. It can force the opponent by the higher efficiency to change the location or hide from you. It has an average fire rate and follows a fixed pattern of firing. It is a handy weapon, but you should have medium bursts that can harm your enemy at medium distance.


  • Molotov Cocktail (Lethal)

As a player, you will hate death by the sticking Semtex grenade, not because you are dead but because you are dead due to no reason. It has a good range and a higher damaging capacity. That is the reason why this grenade can be used in both defense and offense. To use this, you can throw this at any place, and whenever some player crosses it, it will detonate. It works as when it detects the motion near it. You can put it on the most traveled path and get the profit when other players cross that path, or you can put it on the way, which gives access to your hiding position. This grenade allows you to miss the target, but it will come handy in the near future.

  • Non-Lethal Grenade

You can have the stun and flash grenade in your loadout. When you use the smoke grenade, then you will be able to disorientate the team of the enemy and handle them one by one with the help of your team. Similar to the smoke grenade, stun grenade will compromise the visibility of the enemy, which leads to disorientation, and if you are sufficiently good, then the death of the enemy of yours.


  • Visible Footprint

If you are an aggressive player, then pair the tracker ability with the sand snake will show you the recent footprints of the enemy. Which will help you to find the location of the near enemy and surprising them just by killing them with constant following them? It will be very helpful to you against the continuous moving enemy.

  • Ghost

Players have a tool to deal with the UAVs, which is used in the last stage of the game. This perk will help you to hide from the UAV, even if it is in the 100 m range. Due to this enemy, only follow those detectable enemies, and you can surprise them by the dramatic entry.

  • Double Time

It can increase the sprinting speed by two times. Still, it can draw unnecessary attention to you, but when the opponents overpower you, then it can be the best option for you. It also has a secondary profit, which is increasing the crouching speed. This secondary profit is much more useful in the one on one combat style.

Calling the Loadout

After getting the options, the biggest question remains, how to call the loadout? You have to go to the Buy Station with the help of your map. Here, among a lot of options, one is regarding the loadout. Then you have to buy it in exchange for $6,000 (gathered from different activities such as contracts, loots from the enemy, or the ground). So use the correct combination and make it worth spent money.

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