Coin Master Event List 2020

Coin Master Event List 2020


Unique Events

These Special occasions carry the battling soul to Coin Master!

The spectacle occasions are difficulties with numerous new and energizing missions! Increment your advancement by Attacking and Raiding your kindred Vikings! Assaults will depend on the advancement bar regardless of whether they are impeded by Shields or the Rhino and even acquire you additional focuses en route!

Spin to get 3 themed symbols straight to build the advancement bar and advance quickly to more noteworthy and more prominent prizes!

Attack Madness

The Raid Master occasion carries a significantly more prominent experience to Raids!

During this occasion, each Raid on another Viking’s Village will draw you nearer and nearer to stunning prizes! Each phase of the occasion has progressively more significant standards and more noteworthy prizes.

Town Master

The Village Master occasion is a staggering method to praise your advancement!

Every Village finished will procure players remunerates that no other occasion guarantees! The further your movement in the game, the more noteworthy the prize you will get!

Wager Blast

The Bet Blast Event makes a huge deal about your rewards with higher Bets and greater prizes!

Impact through Villages, Raid your companions, Attack your opponents – all with over top Bets and cosmic prizes!

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