Coinbase clone script to make your crypto exchange best

Exponential growth of coinbase exchange in the last decade has made many entrepreneurs jump into the crypto ecosystem. They are keen in initiating crypto exchanges like coinbase in their specific geographic location to leave the heavy competition. 


For the kinda entrepreneurs, Hivelance have designed a coinbase clone script that;s available for ios and android platforms too. Here in this article, we will explore the most important features in the coinbase clone. Hivelance is the crypto exchange development company also focusing on delivering exchange clone scripts such as Binance clone, remitano clone, paxful clone, localbitcoins clone, wazirx clone that’s ready to scale.


Features reviewed


Buy/Sell Crypto


The script has the most advanced trading engine that processes the crypto order seamlessly. It lets users avoid the need to visit the order book to manually look for buying and selling cryptocurrencies quickly.


Trouble-Free Transactions

With an effective admin panel that comes under our clone script, you can control the exchange by monitoring the transaction details without error and keep the users safe from fraud activities.


Enriched Security

The cryptos are deposited in tight secured hardware wallets or exchange cold wallets that can’t be hackable by other prone attacks. We designed the coinbase clone against all vulnerable attacks that happened in exchanges earlier.


Storage Wallets

We created multiple wallet integration in our script to bring all possibilities of wallets in your exchange. No user will be left behind. Any third party crypto wallet can be added or removed with little customization from the backend.

Easy Accessible Interface

Our coinbase clone script is designed by best UI designers to clone the exact copy of coinbase UI without leaving a single screen. The visual demo allows you to have an inner look at the script UI and friendly features we added in extra.


Security Features Enclosed


  • SSL Encryption
  • Two Factor Authentication
  • Secured CMS System
  • SQL Injection Prevention
  • Lock registry
  • Private key cryptography
  • DDOS attack prevention


Coinbase Clone App

Coinbase clone app is designed with the latest technology stack like Flutter to save so much engineering cost in pocket. The minimal developer time, faster testing phase, and easy deployment capabilities will let business owners to focus more on their business logic instead of technical development. Coinbase clone app template includes 100+ screens that covers all the user flow in a nutshell. Take a demo to see the app in action.


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