CoinDCX Clone Script to Launch a Cryptocurrency Exchange Similar to CoinDCX

What is CoinDCX clone script?

The CoinDCX clone script is a software solution for entrepreneurs looking to establish their own cryptocurrency exchange trading platform. The script has the same built-in features and API as CoinDCX.

Spot trading, lending, margin trading, futures trading, staking, liquidity services, API brokers, and other noteworthy features are just a few.

White Label CoinDCX Clone Software?

White Label CoinDCX Clone Software is a completely customized source code that replicates CoinDCX’s essential features and functionalities. Our White Label solution gives you the opportunity to integrate the necessary software features, capabilities, and user interface to meet your company objectives. This enables startups and business owners to quickly and affordably build their own cryptocurrency exchange platform like CoinDCX.

Features of CoinDCX clone script:

Instant trading – Instant crypto trading is the most wanted feature in every crypto exchange. Understanding this in terms of user perspective, we added the deposit, and withdrawal functions in a completely intuitive way. Integrating bank accounts, KYC verification, and making fiat deposits can be carried out in a hassle-free way without too many steps.

Spot trading – Spot trading is the feature that settles down any cryptocurrency transactions within a short period of time. Spot trading in our coinDCX clone is engineered with support like charting tools, multiple order types, high liquidity data, and arbitrage opportunities.

Margin trading – Margin trading is the advanced feature being employed in crypto exchanges for pro traders. Through this feature, traders can make use of 6x leverage in 200+ altcoins and can perform crypto trading. As an exchange operator, you can create large liquidity pools and facilitate your users to access it.

Crypto Future – Future is a highly sophisticated trading method in crypto exchanges. It uses up to 15x leverage to execute the crypto trade. We designed this feature with the fastest order matching engine, safeguarding funds through insurance coverage, and a variety of contracts to opt-in for the users.

Lending feature – Lending is the process of depositing crypto on a fixed term to earn interest in terms of rewards. Lending is the trending crypto investment model that’s been applied to all digital asset management platforms. We integrated crypto lending features exclusively in this coinDCX clone script.

Benefits of CoinDCX clone script:

CoinDCX clone script is supported with 200+ cryptocurrencies

The script is enclosed with a wide array of investment protocols like lending, trading, staking, and more.

The coinDCX clone script has liquidity-ready data that can help you to start the exchange operation today itself.

It adheres to the secured process of token listing and management.

Why Hivelance for making CoinDCX like an exchange?

In recent years, Hivelance has established its position as one of the trustworthy companies developing cryptocurrency exchanges. We have a large clientele base in several nations. We provide complete solutions for cryptocurrency exchange development at any stage.

If you want to create a new crypto exchange or require support for one that is already established, what should you do? In any situation, we can assist you. Furthermore, our coinDCX clone script is created by skilled experts with years of experience in the sector.

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