Cold Laser Therapy Help Tendons To Heal

Tissues in the human body that undergo a tremendous amount of pain and stress are tendons. Tendons can become damaged with continuous pain and stress, but with laser therapy, tendons can repair faster. Let us discuss tendon injuries before we get to treatment mechanisms.

Tendons act like ropes in your body that attach the contractile muscle tissue in your body to bones. When these muscles contract, a force that is transmitted via the tendons and pulls bones is developed. Muscles can make a single force with a massive amount of force or make millions of small amounts of pulls, which can be a tremendous amount of force when combined.

Tendons are designed to absorb forces that arise as we walk, run, and jump, and these forces can cause damages to ligaments because of repeated stress or trauma.

For instance, imagine your hammock in the yard. Every end of the hammock is firmly attached to trees by a sturdy rope. When you rest on the hammock, your weight is transmitted to the tree by the ropes. When you start swinging, the robes fibres will start wearing and, with time, are damaged. Some day’s damage can be severe and other times minimal. Most people wait until the rope is severely damaged then they will start fixing, and at this stage, the frayed fibres are many.


Tendon Injuries

The hammock is an excellent representation of tendons. In addition, as we have discussed earlier those tendons are like ropes that transfer muscle-pulling power from the muscle to bones. Tendons are injured when all force is transmitted and exerted to them. Just like ropes, tendons can tear like fibres in the rope with continuous stress. Our bodies are trying to heal the damaged muscles, but we tend to tear our ligaments at a high rate compared to the healing rate, and this leads to tendinosis or tendinitis injuries. Cold therapy is our favorite therapy to heal this.


Treating Tendon Injuries

Cold Laser therapy heals by ramping up the usual healing process, and it decreases inflammation and pain in the tissue. It improves the patient 80% faster than traditional therapy that is 50%. Cold therapy increases cellular energy, which speeds the mitochondria, up, which are the energy makers in the cell; hence more energy for repair will be produced.


Cold Laser Therapy Benefits Depend On The Power Of The Laser.

Although cold laser therapy is not all the same, some lasers are more powerful and have a more significant healing effect than others have. Most offices use class three lasers. The central theme of the story is to take care of insignificant tear in the tendons early before they break.


Chronic Tendon Injuries


Chronic tendon injuries, in most cases, stem scar tissue or adhesions. The human body tries as soon as possible to replace the scar tissue formed in the injury, but in some cases, the scar tissue will continue to accumulate. This continuous accumulation of the scar tissue will cause chronic tendon injuries. Scar tissue can be eliminated using a Graston Technique.


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