Cold room technology refrigeration and air-conditioning

Cold rooms are one of the most essential sections of restaurants, hotels, supermarkets, and other locations where fresh, frozen, or pre-cooled food products like ice cream or similar need to be kept under specific low temperatures. Cold rooms are basically enclosed refrigerated storage places, commonly smaller in square areas that are used for storing perishable food items, mainly as a medium-term cold storage arrangement. Normally, a typical refrigerator acts as interim storage, whereas refrigerated warehouses act as long-term storage. Cold room systems comprise an internal evaporator and an external condenser unit to transfer heat outside and thereby create a cold environment. In order to maintain the temperature, its walls, floors, and ceilings are built with a suitable insulation material, which is packed in between slim walls, which are usually made of steel or aluminum. Apart from being insulated, the floors are also well reinforced, so that supporting any auxiliary equipment will not be a hassle.

Techtimia makes available different kinds of cold rooms, like self-contained, remote condensing, and multiplex condensing cold rooms. Nevertheless, the company also makes smaller freezer units that are used in houses as well as in industrial sectors. Techtimia has expertise in servicing and repairing self-contained cold rooms in which the refrigeration system is a comprehensive set-up with the evaporator and condenser very similar to a window air conditioner that is usually built outside the buildings. The expert technicians at Techtimia also undertake the installation and servicing of remote condensing units in cold rooms, which have a condenser unit but are not packaged with the evaporator. They are usually placed on the roof. Well-structured remote condensing unit cold rooms are also built and maintained by Techtimia, which are put up inside buildings and comprise multiple evaporators. At Techtimia, qualified and equally experienced engineers erect and maintain small and large refrigerators, cool rooms, and freezer chambers, especially in the kitchens of factories and warehouses meant for storing fish, meat, and other dairy products safely for longer periods in an optimum temperature range.

cold room services singapore

cold room services singapore

Singapore is a country with a tropical climate, warm and humid. Facilities like air-conditioning and mechanical ventilation systems are very much required almost round the year. Techtimia energy competent design and optimization of the system contribute significantly to decreasing energy utilization and achieving cost-cutting. Meticulous designing and effective servicing of the air-conditioning systems is another proven expertise of Techtimia. Skilled team members at Techtimia carry out energy-efficient strategies while maintaining the recommended air quality, which usually remains a challenge for engineers. The HVAC services that Techtimia offers include erection, setting up, and servicing and maintenance of cooling and ventilation systems and allied equipment. Techtimia is synonymous with ventilation, air conditioning, and HVAC services, ranging from temperature management within a building via cooling systems, whether wall and ceiling ducting or other. Techtimia HVAC technology strives to keep HVAC equipment performing accurately and efficiently. HVAC maintenance services such as replacing belts, and filters, lubricating bearings, and making adjustments are also done periodically to ensure flawless performance.

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