Old and commonly heard adage says that “honesty is the best policy”. Unfortunately Americans forget to follow the same when their vehicles get wrecked in road accidents. Any professional and experienced auto appraiser can tell you that honesty counts in when you pursue compensation from the insurance company of the person at fault of the accident.

It is truly correct that hiding or manipulating the information seems tempting to increase the amount of the claim settlement. The exaggeration of the accident related facts may seem easy and rewarding to you. But the claimants don’t know the fact that it hampers the settlement. While this post agrees that the trauma of accident is big and it may have affected your vehicle’s market value but at the same time tempering the evidences and attempt to fool around your doctor, lawyer will not help at all. If you look at it superficially it seems so easy and perfect to intensify the degrees of pain from uncomfortable to excruciating and from bad to severe.


For a lucrative settlement the claimants should not catch the wrong direction. There are many ways that you can adopt to ruin your diminished value claim. The most common and important are discussed below with an intention to make you aware of what you should not do. This is assumed that you know you have to start with hiring a certified DV auto appraiser. It is considered to be a serious mistake when you try to hide the accident history of your car or other motor vehicle from your attorney. You may think that it will affect your current case and insurance premiums. However, it will be vice versa case if you don’t tell the truth of any accident in past to the claim adjuster.

Not telling the doctors about your pre-existing injuries or physical conditions will not be taken lightly by the insurance company. You may have heard from your grandfather that you should not hide anything and tell the truth before your lawyer and doctor. Unless you don’t tell them the truth they won’t be able to help you out. This has also a deep impact on the right kind of treatment and confusions and complications. If you think your back pain for which you were already taking physiotherapy treatment has worsened tell your doctor. If an accident aggravates any medical condition, it can be taken care separately. But you must tell it.

Often claimants ask questions why their vehicle appraiser dropped the case. It is simple you may have forced him to do so by not disclosing the accident facts. Some of the more serious implications of lying range from unwanted delays, less lucrative settlements to outright denial of your claim.

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