Columbus Day Sales – How to Get the Best Value Deals on Furniture?

Columbus Day is here and so are the sales. While that’s merely the beginning, you can find some amazing discounts on the furniture you have been longing to buy. And you might not need to wait for Black Friday to buy them all. But walking straight into that furniture store, buying that item, and returning home isn’t recommended.

Give yourself some time, enjoy the hustle and bustle, and explore your options before making the final purchase. So, if you have been waiting to buy that Hooker furniture bedroom set, you can buy it now for less.

A Brief About Columbus Day

Columbus Day commemorates a 1492 event when Christopher Columbus landed in the Americas. In 1937, the day became a federal holiday. Until then, many states and cities celebrated it unofficially since the early 18th century. On this day, some people celebrate the Italian-American heritage while others honor the achievements of Columbus.

Today, there’s a new perspective to the day and that’s linked to shopping through holiday sales and deals. Many brands put up Columbus Day sales to commemorate the day and attract more buyers. So, if you are looking for the best place to buy Hooker furniture, you can get amazing deals now.

Introduction to Hooker Furniture

A 3rd-generation company, Hooker Furniture started its operations in 1925. Under the dedicated leadership of Clyde Hooker Jr, the company grew into a premier furniture importer and manufacturer. The brand focused on creating well-made, beautiful, and stylish furniture since the beginning.

Now, with close to 100 years of operation, Hooker furniture has retained its legacy of delivering enduring quality and craftsmanship. From material selection to product design and engineering, the brand delivers superior-quality furnishings.

Some features of Hooker Furniture are unsurpassed clarity, color richness, durability, and depth. The smoothness and appeal of appearance come from hand-craftsmanship like padding and rubbing.

Tips to Find the Best Columbus Day Furniture Deals

Finding a good deal on Hooker furniture bedroom set or anything else you like isn’t much hassle today. All you need to know is the right door to knock on. And here, we will take you through a few tips for the same.

Following these tips can help you find a good discount not just on Columbus Day but throughout the year.

Start with the Search

Open that web browser on your phone or laptop and search for deals and discounts on “whatever you want to buy.” You can also look for things like “best Columbus Day deals” or “best place to buy Hooker furniture.” Here, you will get a massive list of sellers promoting furniture deals online.

Although it’s a longer route, it opens up a big world of deals for you.

Use a Plugin

Gone are the days when people headed over to coupon sites to look for codes before buying. Many plugins (or browser extensions) available today make the job easy. They take over the coupon search part and give you the best working codes right on the checkout page.

So, get one such plugin (Honey is a popular one), activate it, and get discount codes right before you pay.

Price Comparison Tools

You don’t always need the lowest price but the best value deals. That’s where price comparison tools come in. These tools give you a comparison of your favorite product across different sites.

Having such a tool handy when browsing through your favorite shopping sites makes things easier. You can compare offers from different dealers and brands and choose the best mix of price, quality, and after-sales service.

Ask for an Additional Discount

Although every dealer has already given a price cut with Columbus Day sales, you might get extra if you ask. Many factors go into this way of getting additional discounts. For instance, if you have been a regular customer of a particular store, you might ask for extra price cuts. Additionally, you can also ask for discounts if you are buying in bulk.

Compare Online vs Offline Prices

There might be chances of price differences across online versus physical stores due to one or the other reason. So, leave that couch and start exploring nearby furniture stores. This works two ways. First, you can enjoy the holiday rush with friends or meet new people on the go. Second, you can have a practical experience with the sofa or table you want to buy.


Shop from Reputed Furniture Stores

You may find Columbus Day Sale signs and boards at almost every store or outlet. But don’t fall for the lowest price only. Instead, prefer buying quality products from reputed stores. They won’t only give you the best-valued deals but also offer long-term support after you buy from them. Also, look for sales on your favorite brands. You might already have some products shortlisted on your wishlist.

Wait (or Not) for the Best Deals

Shopping during holiday sales can be overwhelming. You might want to buy everything you see at a discount because they are marketed that way. But the best approach is to start a bit earlier. Keep a watch on the price fluctuations (if any) a decent time before the sales start. This helps you understand the real discount you are getting.

Check and Compare the Total Costs

That might look out of the league but it’s essential. You would feel bad if you find yourself spending more in total at a store that had the product priced lower. So, before buying, sum up everything you will pay for including shipping, handling, and other things. This way you can find the best price you will be taking out of your pocket.

Last but not the least, don’t forget to include extra expenses like shipping, handling, and taxes for a complete cost comparison.


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