Comic-Con@Home Fails to Create Any Buzz

Comic-Con is a fest that has garnered worldwide popularity. Fans of various games, sitcoms, and movie franchises all gather at one place every year to recreate the magic of the imaginary stories in real lives. It is a marvelous place to connect with other fans, be part of events specific to your favorite characters, or show and go completely geeky without anyone’s judgment. But to the disappointment of anticipating fans, the 2020 Comic-Con of San Diego had to be canceled to ensure that they do not end up aiding the spread of coronavirus. Though it was a responsible and appreciated move, fans still needed some outlet for their expectations.

It was then when the idea of Comic-Con@Home was put forward. The intent was to let people enjoy the experience of a Comic-Con fest from home. Despite these genuine efforts, the online fest was a bigger failure than anyone anticipated. Reports reveal the Comic-Con@Home event could only garner a meager 6% of the audience as compared to the live event hosted in 2019. The fest’s views on YouTube rounded up to around 15,000 on an average. The fest began on the 22nd of July and ended four days later. The probable reason for the failure was that the Comic-Con team expected to recreate the fest’s magic on the screens as well. But the fests being live was the entire point of attraction because the audience has already experienced the characters on the screens and now, they get to relive it in reality.

The thrill and excitement invoked in people by the offline event can never be replicated. To quantify the fest’s Twitter presence, the Comic-Con@Home’s Twitter mention was averagely 5% of the 2019’s convention. Tweets about the TV-related events of the convention were 7% of 2019’s tweets, and tweets for movie events dropped to an unbelievable 1%. These numbers are astonishing for everyone. One possible reason for this underwhelming response could be an inadequate panel of events. New Mutants, The Walking Dead, Star Trek, and Keanu Reeves promoting Bill and Ted Face the Music, as well as Constantine, were the only considerable attractions.

New Mutants managed to attract a viewership of 208,000 on the second day of the convention because they used the opportunity to release the first scene of the upcoming movie. Big names like Warner Bros, DC Films, MIA Lucasfilm and Marvel studios who used to grasp a lot of attention, did not even try putting in the effort to make a mark for the home convention. One of the most prominent issues people cited was a lack of interaction. None of the panels interacted with the audience, and the audience had no option to communicate with each other either. It ended up as a demotivating factor for the people to sit through 105-minute-long panels.

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source: Comic-Con@Home Fails to Create Any Buzz

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