Commercial Cleaning Services

If you are looking for Melbourne builders then you may be wondering what Melbourne cleaning services they have. As a builder of over 10 years I am often contacted by potential builders looking to get their foot in the door, so I thought I would set the record straight and explain what services they offer. First of all I want to assure you that all commercial builders are fully bonded and have liability insurance. I also want to assure you that all cleaners will adhere to the Building Regulations. As a customer you have the right to ask questions about the cleaning schedule and/or contracts. At the same time you must ensure that all contractors adhere to the same Code of Practice.

There are many different services available for builders to provide you with daily maintenance including a pressure washing service. They also provide a wide range of cleaning supplies and equipment such as blowers, dryers, water tankers, steam cleaners and more. I would always recommend asking for references from previous customers before choosing a cleaning company.

If you are considering hiring a Melbourne builders and don’t already own a property, then I strongly recommend that you do so as there are many advantages when it comes to using a cleaning company. Most companies will offer a free quote for any work carried out on your behalf and if there is any damage to any part of your property, you will have it covered. If there is water damage (including leaking taps) and it is determined that this was not your fault then you will only be due a percentage of the original cost of the damage, this is usually around $100.

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