Commercial Fans – What Are They?

If you are thinking about purchasing commercial or industrial fans then there are a couple of things which you need to consider. Firstly, they will differ in size depending on the type of unit that you’re buying, secondly, the quality, and thirdly they will be rated for use in different conditions, and finally how easy they are to use. When buying commercial or industrial fans, it is important that you consider these four variables.

When purchasing commercial or industrial fans to be used in a warehouse or industrial setting it’s important to understand the types of fans that are available. The major types of fans are Recessed lovers and Wall fans, these can have either a mesh or powder coating finish. If you’re looking to use the lovers in a warehouse environment then you may want to consider wall fans. In cases like this the warehouse supervisor will decide which components are acceptable for their warehouse, if you’re unsure as to whether fans are ideal for you then talk to the warehouse supervisor and get their opinion on the topic. The wall fans, which are most popular in warehouses would be the ones with an integrated dust collection system built into them. The benefit of this system is that the device can automatically begin working when dust begins to settle and when the dust is gone the units can be turned off, these types of systems are becoming ever more popular with warehouse cleaning companies in addition to retail stores.

If you’re looking to purchase industrial fans for use in a commercial cleaning business then you should look to choose units that have been made especially to be used in industrial environments. A few of the fans available for industrial use have the ability to provide air flow rates of up to 300 CFM. These higher flow rates will require larger fans, and more power, than the fans for a warehouse environment. Power supply requirements will also vary between different units; some industrial fans need you outlet while others require five or more.

The size of the fan is one of the key elements to consider when buying industrial or industrial fans. While larger fans may look cooler to the eye, they may actually produce more sound. The fan motor will also need to be strong enough to be able to carry the weight of the bigger fans and the blades need to have the ability to resist the sheer force of wind. It is important to recognize that an excellent industrial use enthusiast will have specially designed blades that are made to withstand the harshest of warehouse environments. Additionally, if you get a fan that uses power then you need to be certain it can cope with the electric load of the unit.

You’ll also need to take into account the space you have available for the unit. Ensure you gauge the size of the region where the unit is going to be situated, because it is far easier to obtain a unit that is too large than one that is too small. You should also ensure that it will be easy to access. This is especially true if you are purchasing the commercial fans online, as often as the website will provide you with a contact form. This ensures you could contact the business easily should you experience any problems with installation or delivery.

You also need to consider what the venting is like in the area of your warehouse. For industrial use this is especially relevant, as poor ventilation may cause a whole host of problems, including high energy bills and potential damage to the building. A good industrial fan ought to be able to easily circulate the air in and out of the building, which will help to maintain the temperatures at a comfortable level. If you are concerned about the environment then you need to consider purchasing commercial fans who are powered by different sources, such as renewable energy.



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