Commitment statement Report and Employability Report Help for NT

The Northern Territory Skilled Work Regional Visa (subclass 491) issued by Northern Territory to skill workers is a provisional visa which allows you to stay in the region for up to three years.

Evidence of sufficient employment opportunities in your nominated occupation must be attached to your application, since you are an overseas worker with no employment in the Northern Territory.

In accordance to the DHA, our Employability Statements generally contains:

  • The NT employment market description for your occupation.
  • Research on advertised positions
  • Advertisement Statements.
  • Thorough description of qualifications and experience.

*Note 1: once you apply for jobs in the Northern Territory, you need to gather feedback from your employer on your skills and experience and add that information to our report.

*Note 2: you need a signed employment contract and / or a letter of offer of employment from a NT employer for your application.

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NB: My CDR Help does not offer job application services.

You must have a sound understanding of the settlement costs involved and you need to submit a statement showing that you have researched the cost of living in the Northern Territory while you seek employment.

The following should be included in the Settlement Statements:

  • Evidence of research in Northern Territory’s cost of living
  • Relocation costs to Northern Territory (estimated).
  • Living costs in Northern Territory (estimated)
  • Financial statements providing evidence about the applicant’s capacity to relocate and live in Australia.

You further need to provide a statement when applying under the overseas applicant category, where explaining why you want to live in Northern Territory is essential.

With account of Northern Territory’s lifestyle, attractions and reasons to why the State suits your way of life more than any other State in Australia, you need to submit Our Commitment statement report to Northern Territory statement.​

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