Common Applications and Benefits of Food Grade Silicone

Silicone Tube Manufacturer in India manufactures Food grade silicone which is a long-lasting, robust polymer that can be used in food and beverage applications as a healthier, more inert alternative to plastics. Silicone’s lack of plasticizers prevents BPA and other dangerous chemicals from leaching into food and beverages, as well as imparting taste and aromas to the food or beverage it comes into contact with. Silicone is tough, nonporous, and can withstand a wide variety of temperatures, making it an excellent food storage and transportation alternative to single-use plastics.


Food Grade Silicone Tube Manufacturer produces food-grade silicone utilising extremely precise, cost-effective procedures. We manufacture silicone products using our in-house operations and unique compound compositions, making us a one-stop shop for food-grade silicone extrusions, silicone tubing, and moulded items.

Common Applications

Dairy Transport Tubing

Several compounds have met the severe requirements by the Food Grade Silicone Tube Manufacturer for the dairy industry’s strictest standards. These compounds can resist the regular wear and tear of transporting dairy goods, as well as the harsh cleaning chemicals to which they are subjected.

High and Low Temperature Silicone Tubing

Silicone’s ability to function well across a wide temperature range, as well as its resilience and flexibility, make it an excellent material for high-temperature tubing, which is used by food processors to dispense and mix food and beverage items.

Silicone’s benign properties, as well as its temperature and tear resistance, ensure that edible items do not melt or become contaminated in high-temperature conditions. Silicone is flexible down to -100 degrees Fahrenheit, making it perfect for below-freezing applications.

Benefits of Food Grade Silicone Tubing

Food-grade silicone is a useful material for making strong and long-lasting food-grade components. The following are some of the advantages of using food-grade silicone over other plastics:

Damage Resistance: Food-grade silicone can sustain high temperatures without degrading or being damaged.

Durable: Over time, food-grade silicone will not harden, peel, crack, dry out, crumble, rot, or become brittle.

Tolerates High and Low Temperatures: Temperatures of -103°F to 450°F can be tolerated by food-grade silicone.

NSF-51 Certification: The NSF-51 certification specifies third-party testing procedures and verifies that plastic items are safe for food contact.

Non-toxic and Odorless: The material has no odour and is free of BPA, lead, latex, and phthalates.

Environmentally Friendly:  Silicone that has been used in the food industry is considered non-hazardous waste.

Other Applications of Food-Grade Silicone

These are just a handful of the many applications for silicone in the food and beverage sector. Silicone products can also be used in the following ways:

  • Ovens for commercial use
  • Drink tubing
  • Seals for small appliances
  • Tubing for water filtration
  • Seals on a water filtering system
  • Tubing and seals for handling dairy fluids

Why Choose Rekson Products for Food Grade Silicone?

From start to finish, Rekson Products manages Polymer Products Manufacturing and engineering projects. To make FDA-compliant gaskets and other food processing components, we employ carefully selected raw materials. Our team has been providing high-precision, high-quality domestic products for over many years.

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