Common Causes of Windscreen Damages


Do you know it is illegal to drive a car with damaged windscreen in Australia? Yes, you’ll be fined heftily. Nothing is as frustrating as driving a car with windscreen damages. It can compromise the safety of the passengers and driver as the windscreen is a major contributor to the overall strength and integrity of the vehicle. While we often admire and give more importance of a vehicle’s looks, rugged performance, emblem, and power engine, windscreen is often overlooked. But, it plays a significant role in ensuring the car’s safety.

The windscreen provides up to 40% of the structural integrity of the vehicle yet many don’t pay attention to the condition, quality, and car glass repair Sydney. Knowing the common causes of windscreen damages can help make informed decisions and here are they:-

Bad Weather

Australia’s harsh ever-changing weather is also a common cause of windscreen damage. Like tree branches and other debris blown by high winds, heavy hailstones can also cause the same type of damage. It is a good idea to park your vehicle in your garage or covered parking space during stormy weather, instead of parking on the roads.

Poor Installation

Stress cracks can also significantly affect the car glass, resulting in the structural weakness of the glass itself. The small cracks often appear around the edges of the windshield, an area which is prone to cracking and can also be caused by incorrect installation. That’s why it is of utmost importance to ensure your windscreen has been correctly installed by an experienced technician and is made of high-quality materials when it comes to windscreens replacement Sydney. So, during the collision, windscreen can provide the structural support and protection it is designed to. Get your windscreen replaced by our technicians who are certified and trained to the highest standards. Besides, we also only use glass manufactured to OEM standards.

Road Debris

This is one of the major causes of windscreen damages. Pebbles, rocks, stones, and gravel thrown by other cars tyres can cause cracks and chips on the windscreen. This is because these small projectiles travelling at high speed can easily damage the windscreen, causing damages from small chips to severe cracks and breakages. Of course, there is nothing you could to do about it. But, leaving enough space between your car and the vehicle in front can help prevent getting hit by a random stones and road debris.

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The author is a blogger and a skilled auto glass technician. Along with a team of professionals, he provides reliable and affordable windscreens replacement Sydney. Visit for more details.

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