Common Complaints of Those with Chronic Back Pain

If you suffer from back pain, you know how hard it can be in your daily life. However, those looking from the outside-in will have a difficult time understanding patients with chronic back pain. Below, the folks from NuSpine Chiropractic will help bring some light to the manner and break down some of the most common complaints those with chronic back pain will have.

“It’s Hard to Sleep!” If you have chronic back pain, you will often have issues going to sleep. When you do fall asleep, it is also then common to have problems staying asleep. Sleeping issues are one of the biggest plagues you can have while dealing with back pain.

“My Back Kills Me in the Morning!” When you wake up in the mornings with back pain, this can have heavy tolls on your level of comfort and mental health. Especially if the pain doesn’t go away. Try doing some stretches in the morning if this describes your type of back pain.

“I Can’t Exercise Like I Used to!” If you have chronic back pain after previously living a pain-free life, then exercise might turn into a giant nightmare for you. If this is a part of your lifestyle that is important, chronic back pain can often bring you to your knees. It’s important to keep exercising how possible, though.

“I Hate Pain Pills!” When you have had chronic pain that lasts for a while, you might have tried pain pills on a few occasions or more. If you have found yourself with a passionate hate for pain pills due to side effects, you are not alone.

“The Pain Won’t Go Away!” The most frustrating part of having chronic pain is when it simply won’t go away. When you reach this level, you are often seeking out treatment. Otherwise, you might not ever get the pain under control.

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