Common Construction Accidents You Need To Know


Construction accidents are a common occurrence in many cities across the world, and they can cause serious injury and even death to construction workers. In fact, in the United States alone, over 600 construction workers are injured every single day due to accidents while working on construction sites or building machinery. If you’re involved in any kind of construction work, it’s important to know about the most common construction accidents that could affect you so that you can make informed decisions.

If you’ve been involved in construction accidents, it’s a good idea to get a legal aid from a personal injury attorney in Bernalillo to see if you’re entitled to compensation for the lost wages and pain and sufferings you’ve endured. Let’s look at the common construction accidents.

Falls from Height

The most common cause of construction injuries and fatalities is falls from height. To avoid falling: don’t work at heights, secure your workplace with proper fall protection measures, use support systems like scaffolding and rope lifelines. Never stand on chairs or ladders; they can break unexpectedly, sending you plummeting to your death. Always wear a helmet when working at heights, as a part of a full-body harness system and make sure there are two lines of protection between you and a potential fall. If you’ve been injured in a fall, please speak to your personal injury attorney.

Falls into Openings

Each year, falls are among some of the leading causes of workplace fatalities. If you are working in a construction zone and you’re at an elevated level, it’s important that there is a barrier between yourself and a fall, such as guardrails. Always watch your step when on high platforms and make sure that someone has secured all openings around you so that if you do slip, you don’t fall more than just a few feet.

Trip and fall

In recent years, trip and fall accidents have claimed more than 30% of construction injuries. These incidents can range from minor scrapes to severe head traumas, but they often involve an unexpected slip on a puddle of water or some other slick surface. A simple trick for avoiding these trips is taking your time when climbing stairs or walking across wet floors; if you’re hurrying through a job site, it’s likely that you’ll forget about potential hazards and simply slip out.

Injuries Due To Objects Falling On Workers

By far, falls are still one of your biggest risk factors. Fortunately, you can manage many of these with proper training and work practices. However, there’s still no way around a steel beam or crane falling on a worker and it happens far more often than you think! To help prevent injuries caused by objects falling on workers, make sure that cranes are properly inspected and installed. If you’ve been injured due to an object falling, please approach a personal injury law firm Bernalillo and get legal aid for filing a personal injury claim.

You should talk to your personal injury attorney in Bernalillo about the legal options if you got injured in a construction accident.

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