Common Dental Problems That Seniors Must Be Aware Of


As you age, the chances of health risk is high. Older adults are more likely to experience both overall and oral health issues than younger ones. A number of factors contribute to dental health issues, including age-related risks, lifestyle, poor nutrition, and health factors accumulated over a lifetime. Knowing the common dental problems in the elderly, and speaking to the Blacktown dentist can help you make informed decisions and maintain your teeth and gums in good shape. Also, it helps to identify and treat potential dental problems at the initial stage before they become worse, impacting your oral health.

Tooth Decay

Tooth decay affects people of all ages, and it is a common dental problem. While it is very common among youngsters as seniors have fewer teeth remaining on average, it could also affect many older adults. In fact, it is one of the most common reasons why a tooth is extracted over the age of 65. Vising the Blacktown dental clinic for a regular check-up and dental cleaning regularly can help protect your teeth and save money from procedures to treat tooth decay. Also, follow a good oral regime to keep dental problems at bay.

Oral Cancer

Even though it is rare, most people diagnosed with oral cancer are over the age of 55. Smoking, drinking, and using tobacco products are the primary factors that often play a vital role in developing various kinds of cancer.

Dry Mouth

Of course, dry mouth is not associated with aging. If there’s no enough saliva in your mouth, it can cause problems with eating, swallowing, speaking, and chewing.

Saliva plays a significant role in your oral health because it protects your mouth from bacteria. So, dry mouth can increase the risk of dental decay.

Dry mouth can be caused due to medicines that are used to treat conditions like depression, anxiety, cholesterol, and high blood pressure or radiation or injuries to the head or neck. If you feel that your mouth is dry, visit your dentist as early as possible.

Gum disease

Gum disease is one of the most common dental Blacktown problems that affect many seniors. It is a dental disorder where the gums and tissues are infected, and it is one of the most significant reasons for tooth loss. It occurs when the plague is allowed to accumulate under and along the gum-line. If spotted early, it can be reversed with improved oral hygiene. This is why it is necessary to visit the dentist every six months for a professional cleaning to remove the plague and maintain good oral health.

As you see, these are the most common dental problems that seniors experience. Proper oral health maintenance, a healthy diet, and consistent dental visits can help keep these dental problems at bay.

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