Common Mistakes That Can Make You Lose Your Followers

You might have heard everyone talking about the ways to get free Instagram followers. But, have you ever heard anyone talking about the things that you should avoid if you do not want to lose your Instagram FAM? Maybe you have not, because these days everyone is just busy attracting more audience but they are not doing anything to stop the audiences from unfollowing their account. If you do not want to wake up the next morning and realize that half of your followers are not following you anymore, you should never repeat the steps under-mentioned.

• The first and important thing that you should remember is to never post blur or low-quality photos. People are not following you to see your unclear and fuzzy photos. So, use some editor and upload the best photo that you can.

• Never post more than 5 photos a week. Also, you should never take your audience for granted and post less than 3-4 photos because your followers might not take an interest in your Instagram profile.

• Never buy fake comments or likes.

• Do not use more than necessary hashtags.

• Do not put horrible captions for your picture.

• No engagement.

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