Common Pergola Decor and Design Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

Patios and pergolas are among the most popular outdoor home improvement projects due to many reasons. They allow you to extend the space of your home and enjoy the pleasure of an outdoor life with family and friends. In the hustle and bustle of daily life, opportunities to relax in the fresh air surrounded by greenery are precious; it is why homes with pergolas and patios command a premium over the market rates. However, considering it takes significant investment to construct a pergola, it is vital not to make design mistakes that can affect its beauty and functionality.

Making the Pergola Look like an Indoor Space

Right from the outset, when you are planning the addition of a pergola to your home, it is important to remember that it is and should remain a space where you can enjoy the pleasures of the outdoors. Many people mistakenly treat the pergola as an extension of their living rooms and use the same furniture, furnishings, and accessories as that used indoors. By making this mistake, you lose the opportunity of creating a unique space in your home

Not Decorating It Properly

Just like rooms of your home bear the distinct stamp of your personality with colors, furnishings, and accessories, the pergola should also look attractive, and unique, and reflect your personality and sense of style. By using the proper accessories, you will be able to make the pergola look unique and enjoy the outdoors more. You must use accessories meant for outdoor use so that they can withstand the elements. However, by using custom pergola covers, you can protect the furniture and accessories from the weather.

Not Getting the Furnishing Right

It is easy to get carried away when buying furniture and furnishings for your new pergola because there are so many opportunities of decorating it to make it comfortable for enjoying the outdoor life. However, if you put in too much furniture, the space will look crowded and spoil your enjoyment. You should also make the mistake of buying too less furniture even if you believe in minimalism because you need an adequate number of chairs and tables for the desired functionality. The best way to get it right is to buy select pieces of furniture and ensure that they are tied together with a common theme like a color. According to Living Etc., you must arrange the furniture strategically.

Not Providing Adequate Lighting 

Most people assume that they will use the pergola during the daytime and ignore the need for putting in enough lights. However, if you light the space inside the pergola properly, you can extend its use to the evening hours and not have to wind up your good times when the sun goes down.


Constructing a pergola is a major home improvement project, and you should not rush into it. You must plan the design and the architecture properly and not try to do everything yourself, even if you are competent in DIY jobs. It can help a lot to involve a professional to help you design and construct the perfect pergola for your home.

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