Common Problems of HVAC System during Winter

Winter is here and you must be turning on your heater to avail more warmth and comfort. Nothing can give you peace of mind than to come home when the temperature drops. So for that, preparing your HVAC unit is the best way to combat cold to avail more warmth during winter. However, unfortunately, weather conditions during winter put your HVAC at risk and make it not work appropriately, leading to some common problems.

Fortunately, some people can fix the issue by learning about the problems associated with the HVAC unit. Avoiding winter issues can help keep your home warm and comfortable. AC repair Weston service has tried its best to showcase some of the most common problems related to your HVAC in winter.

Restricted Airflow

If you have noticed that one room isn’t getting colder then there is an issue with the airflow. Just check that your vents, may be they are blocked by the furniture. Also check that all pipes are connected to the air supply vents. Restricted airflow is an HVAC issue that is usually caused by blocked fans.

Faulty Heat Pump

Heat pumps are more prone to coil blockage and broken motors. But in winter, they are unable to defrost, so make sure that the units have defrost settings set during winter. This way build-up of ice can be reduced. So hire a professional to repair the unit for better performance.

Carbon Monoxide Leak

It is a common issue during winter season. Carbon monoxide can be a silent killer because it is odourless and colourless due to which it makes it hard to notice. So you need a professional to detect and notice how to be safe and control the leaks of carbon monoxide.

Frozen Pipes

Ice build-up happens on pipes and coils when temperature drops. This can lead to frozen pipes and stop them functioning better and nicer. Also, when the hot water system becomes faulty; when the water doesn’t flow properly through the pipes, when they become frozen. All this becomes frustrating and annoying when you need the water the most in winter. And when the flow of water become so much, it can lead to burst in pipes leading to frequent repairs.

Hope you have now got an idea of what common problems your HVAC can produce. AC repair Weston service has summarized few problems, but there could pop up other problems also during winter.

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