Common Sign That Indicates Heart Problems

Have you been overlooking your health for a long time? Do you often complain about chest pain? If yes, it’s time that you should start taking your health seriously because health is wealth. In case you don’t know, frequent chest pain is a sign of a heart problem. And these days so many people are complaining about this issue. So, it would be great for you to know the common signs and symptoms of heart issues so that you can get in touch with the best cardiologists Nicosia in no time.

Fatigue: Surely fatigue can be caused by many things like weakness, taking too many medicines, or something else. But if you are constantly passing out, this indicates a bigger problem that cannot be ignored. If you are feeling dizzy too often, it can happen because your heart is not pumping blood well.

Unexplained pain: Another common thing that most heart patients complain about is unexplained and painful aches. Remember that this kind of pain is not always felt in the chest. Rather, you can also experience it in arms, back, shoulder, jaw, and other parts of the body.

Shortness of breath: If there is something wrong with your heart, you will often feel this thing. You will experience shortness of breath even if you do minor things like walking up to a few distances or climbing stairs.

Swollen ankles: Swelling in the leg, ankle, or foot indicates that there is something wrong with your heart and you need help.

Feeling sweaty: If you always feel sweaty, this means that you need help because your heart is not in the right condition.

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