Compared with previous games, the AI ​​in Madden 21 performances better

In the past few months, Madden 21 developer EA Sports has been constantly revealing more new features about Madden 21 on the official website and game media. EA Sports also published a newest blog post called “Gridiron Notes”. In this article, the developer details the changes made in offensive and defensive playbooks, and the fully upgraded AI system. In order to make the player statistics in the game more realistic, EA Sports also promised to regularly update and improve Madden 21.

First of all, let us know about the content of playbooks. In fact, the Live Playbooks feature has been introduced into the game after the release of Madden 20, and after the official release of Madden 21, players will usher in the 2.0 version of the feature. In general, the major events in the real NFL will be quickly displayed on Live Playbooks. Not only that, EA will make more substantial improvements to this function in the future. Visit the official website of MMOSPT and enter the Madden 21 page, you can also get more detailed information about MUT 21 Coins.

“For Madden NFL 21 we are increasing the number of content we are delivering via Title Updates. As this feature evolves, it’ll increasingly become the way we add new playbook content to the sport,” EA said. “We are already within the process of performing on new playbook content that may bring even more variety and authenticity to our playbooks.”


One example that EA provided is that the geographical area Patriots signed the QB Cam Newton during the Cheap Madden 21 Coins offseason. To reflect this, the NFL Live Playbook for the Patriots will think about Newtown’s fast-paced and dynamic play style, which is incredibly different from how former QB Tom Brady was known to play.

EA will update the NFL Live Playbooks throughout the whole NFL season, but the baseline playbooks in Madden NFL 21 have gotten updates, too. “The first change you’ll notice is all the NFL Live updates from Madden NFL 20 are added to any or all the default team playbooks where applicable,” EA said. “And similar to we’ve done previously, all teams with a replacement head coach or coordinator will have playbook content that reflects the schemes of these specific coaches, supported research like film study and coach interviews.”

In addition to the content related to Playbooks, EA has also changed the game in other subtle parts to make it more in line with the NFL game in the minds of players. For example, receivers now live with brand-new instance animations, which enable the game to better describe the body types of different players. And the route followed by receivers while moving has also been adjusted.

In terms of defense, a more advanced AI system will help players better defend against offensives from opponents. In Madden 21, the new AI system will fully consider all factors that affect the game. For different types of teams, AI-controlled teams will adopt different game strategies. But overall, the new AI will have a more aggressive and adventurous spirit, which is very different from the past. Compared with players, AI is more precise in time management. In certain types of games, they will also make better decisions than most ordinary players according to the actual situation. This is a huge challenge for players, and now you need to be more creative to win the game against the AI-controlled team. In any case, high-scoring players are the key to winning. MMOSPT can make it easier for you to get high-scoring players, because you can buy cheap and safe MUT 21 Coins at

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