Compatible RC Transmitter and RC Receiver Systems

This short article provides an introduction to the RC Transmitter and RC Receiver Systems you can use with Erle-Brain 2, together with assistance with the way they are connected.

Erle-Brain 2 works with Parts per million-Sum RC receivers. For traditional single-wire-per-funnel (PWM) receivers a Parts per million encoder may be used to convert the receiver outputs to Parts per million-SUM.

Formally supported RCs

Turnigy TGY-i6

This RC receiver includes 6 pin output, one for every Parts per million funnel. As Erle-Brain only accepts Parts per million-Sum input type, conversion from 8 Parts per million funnel to 1 Parts per million-Sum is required.

This conversion is created utilizing a Parts per million Encoder. This module covers the 8 Parts per million channels right into a Parts per million-Sum type, that is based on Erle-Brain.

To learn more begin to see the manual and also the offical documentation.

FlySky TH9x

This RC has 9 channels and it is highly suggested if you want to control a number of optional components (for instance a gimbal or EPM).

To learn more, browse the manual. To be able to connect this module, you simply need to follow this official documentation section.

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