Compelling Reasons to Include a Food Station at Your Wedding


Food stations make the perfect addition to any Sydney wedding catering menu, whether it’s a small ceremony or an extravagant reception with hundreds of guests in attendance. They offer more food options than anything else on your menu, they allow you to have a variety of foods, and they add an element of fun and interaction to your wedding that you can’t get anywhere else. Whether you’re already planning your wedding menu or still deciding what kind of station set-up you want, here are some top reasons to include a food station on your wedding day.


A food station is an idea that can be incorporated into many different types of wedding catering packages Sydney, from backyard BBQs to formal, black tie affairs. Whether you’re hosting an intimate reception for family and friends or throwing the party of the year for your colleagues, there are advantages to having your guests serve themselves when it comes time for dinner. Having food stations allows people to choose what they want and how much they want without worrying about having enough of one dish or another.

Generate a Buzz about Your Wedding

A food station creates buzz about your wedding. Guests are more likely to remember what happened at the reception if they participated in any activities other than eating and drinking

Your Guest Can Talk With Everyone Who Comes Up To the Station

Including a food station at your wedding can be an excellent opportunity for you and your guests to connect. It’s not always easy to talk with everyone in the room, so this is an excellent chance for people who may have been on the fence about coming up and meeting you. If you don’t know them, they’ll feel more comfortable approaching if they know they’re there as part of the celebration. And if they do know you, then it might be their only opportunity all night long!

Give People Something to Do While They Wait For the Ceremony to Begin

A food station is the perfect way to entertain your guests while they wait for the ceremony to begin. It’s also a great way to serve hors d’oeuvres and appetisers, which can be difficult when trying to coordinate with the reception. Try to add food station to your menu along with the Sydney wedding catering.

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