Compelling Reasons to Replace Ammonia as a Refrigerant with Alternative Refrigerants

Industrial sectors such as the food and beverage industry, the biopharmaceutical industry need advanced systems and machinery to manufacture products. These industries especially need a good refrigeration system as they work with components that need low temperatures. If you are in these industrial sectors, then you know what we are talking about. You might also already know that most of these refrigeration systems use an ammonia-based refrigerant as it offers certain basic advantages such as pungent odor for easy recognition, environmental compatibility, and more. But even after having such an excellent refrigerant, industries are looking for alternatives to ammonia and there are quite compelling reasons for it. Since you are reading this article, we believe that you are also looking for alternatives to ammonia as a refrigerant. Keep reading this article to find out!

As mentioned above, there are quite a few compelling reasons to replace ammonia as a refrigerant.

  • Toxicity: Ammonia is known to be a toxic refrigerant and has been proved to cause adverse effects on humans when coming in contact. Liquid ammonia can cause frostbite and irreversible health effects.
  • Fire Hazard: Vapors of ammonia has been known to cause fire and explosion hazard, causing the loss of numerous lives.
  • Loss of Products: Ammonia can get leaked in the industrial plant due to over pressure, physical damage to components, and more such grave incidents. This leaked ammonia can come in contact with the products making them unusable and causing loss of products.

As you can see, as many advantages as ammonia has as a refrigerant, more than that, it can cause harm to the industrial plant, products, and employees. Therefore, there is a dire need to find alternative refrigeration systems.

ALTA Refrigeration is amongst the leading companies that manufacture the best quality refrigeration systems. The company has taken significant steps in finding alternative refrigeration systems and succeeded in developing EXPERT Refrigeration. This is an alternative to ammonia refrigeration. This refrigeration system is cost and energy-efficient and makes use of a synthetic refrigerant that is not hazardous to your employees and products. Apart from alternative refrigeration, the company has already created a remarkable reputation in providing the best refrigeration system, maintenance, and parts to industrial sectors. So, if you are looking for alternative refrigeration technology, get in touch with ALTA Refrigeration.

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