Complete Guide for Microsoft Office and Apps


Microsoft office is an impressive package, considering the variety of apps it offers. Users are impressed with new and improved features that come in and Microsoft continues to increase the efficiency of the apps with each release. Several apps are included in this package; the pricing is justified with the amount of variety available to the users. The 365 edition and personal versions provide users with many options. The apps such as word allow the users to make documents and publications along with flyers.

The PowerPoint software helps the users in creating attractive presentations, the excel software assists in creating spreadsheets which facilitate the organizing of data along with storing and manipulation provisions. The one drive allows the users the freedom to store their data online.


One note lets them organize their data collection that includes the notes written by hand, and also the screen captures, drawings and clips of audio. The publisher in the package allows creating publications including the menus and posters. The outlook is another useful component in the office program that lets the users make use of the email provision provided by Microsoft. One can also manage the calendars, contacts along with the to-do lists.

The access allows users to analyze their data and capture it from different networks and systems. The apps are efficiently integrated into one package that helps to achieve the computing of tasks seamlessly.


There are many variants of the office package one can get access to the Mac versions of the package which include the PowerPoint, word, excel and OneNote. The Android edition is very popular among the android users and lets them edit their documents and manage them; the package includes the apps of outlook, PowerPoint, OneNote, and Excel.

The iOS editions also include the same packages that allow iOS users to utilize the programs on their iOS devices. The cloud supports one drive and users can be assured of their files being safe. One can also easily import the contacts to excel from outlook on package effortlessly.

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