Complete guidelines of ISO certification in Oman


ISO 17025 Calibration and Testing Of Laboratories – Oman – 2.0


Sultanate of Oman

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How does communication policy works in Laboratories?

The management structure of the laboratory, the relationship between quality management, technical management and support services are shown in company organization chart. (Annexure I)

Management is legally responsible for all the contractual obligations agreed upon its behalf. Management communicates to their employees about the importance of meeting customer’s requirements as well as regulatory and statuary requirements, by using the different communication channels as mentioned below.

Following communication channels are used for implementation of management system.

  • Team briefing and orientations
  • Notice board circulars and memos
  • Electronic mail & messages
  • Suggestions from employees for their involvement in management system
  • Management review meetings.

Company has documented their policies and procedures for engaging subcontractors. It is the responsibility of our Laboratory that customers are ensuring the subcontracting laboratory has a satisfactory quality system and is competent to perform the required test/calibration. Use of International accredited laboratories or laboratories accredited by government body recognition ISO 17025 Certification in Oman arrangement partners is sufficient to ensure competence. All results reported by the subcontractor shall be covered by an endorsed report.

When a subcontractor is not accredited by organization recognized as equivalent, the laboratory shall record its assessment of that laboratory’s capability to meet International Standard requirements. As an example, the laboratory should require the following subcontractor records to demonstrate the compliance with International Standard for the work in question, prior to the subcontracting:

A copy of the subcontractor’s record of evidence to compliance with International Standard.

A format of a calibration certificate for the calibration/calibration intended to be subcontracted.

The accreditation status of subcontractors should be regularly reviewed to ensure compliance.

Company will advise the customer in advance of any intention to subcontract calibration in writing. And will gain the approval of the customer in writing, when possible.

Company considers itself responsible to the customer for the subcontractor’s work, except in the case where the customer specifies which subcontractor is to be used. It is the responsibility of Company considers itself responsible to the customer for the subcontractor’s work, except in the case where the customer specifies which subcontractor is to be used. It is the responsibility of Tech/Quality-In Charge to evaluate the competency of its subcontractor prior to the release of any work to the subcontractor.

Records of subcontractor competence include, but are not limited to, the following:

Accreditation certificates or documentation Registration certificates Audit results (if mutually agreed)

The lab has procedures for the selection and purchasing of supplies and services it uses that affect the quality of the tests performed. Consumable materials are stored according to the appropriate calibration method, SOP (Standard Operating Procedure), or work instruction. Procedures are implemented to make effective purchase/receipt of materials.

The Lab uses only such services and supplies that are of the quality needed to ensure confidence in its calibration. Services and supplies comply with specified requirements. Records of the actions taken to assure compliance are maintained.

Where no independent assurance of the quality of procured goods or services are available or the supplier’s evidence is insufficient the laboratory ensures that purchased goods and services comply with specified requirements. Where possible and practical the laboratory ensures that equipment and chemicals are inspected, calibrated, or otherwise in compliance with any standard specification relevant to the calibration or test concerned.

The description in the purchasing document may include type, class, grade, precise identification, specification, drawings, inspection instructions, other technical data including approval of test results, quality required and quality system standard under which they ISO Certification in Oman were produced.

Purchasing documents for items affecting the quality of laboratory output shall contain data describing the services and supplies ordered. These purchasing documents shall be reviewed and maintained.

The completion of the Purchase Order is the responsibility of the originator / Operations Manager. They review the PO form for accuracy and approve the technical content by the Operations Manager or his deputy prior to release with their signature and the date. (Signature is not required if the PO generating electronically).

Laboratory shall maintain records on all pertinent suppliers these records shall be kept on file for a particular period of time, and shall be verified as part of the Internal Laboratory Audit process.

Suppliers shall be evaluated and selected from a business perspective as well as for quality of service and maintain records of evaluation.

Contract / Order review is an integral part of the quality system. All contracts / orders are reviewed and accepted only if the requirements are clear and understood, and the laboratory has the capability and capacity to assure full customer expectations.

  1. b) When reviewing requests, tenders and contracts, management should be aware that customers might not always understand their own needs. As far as practicable, management should give advice to customers and help them to determine the suitability of calibration / Analysis needs. The contract review ensures that each customer’s requirements are adequately defined and documented before the service or product is ordered or dispatched. This should ensure that any order, once accepted, can be completed without delay, and that the customer’s requirements including delivery date, technical specification, and cost can be met. If the contract review ISO Consultant in Oman highlights any ambiguities or uncertainties then the customer will be contacted and the problem resolved before the order is accepted.
  2. c) If the laboratory doesn’t have the resource or competence to perform the activity or has the capability; and for unforeseen reasons is unable to undertake these in part or full, It will be informed to the concerned customer through mail/phone and gains the approval. If customer disagrees for subcontracting, Items will be returned to customer without the calibration.
  3. d) Marketing Department is reviewing client’s enquiries and tenders, Job costing estimation in terms of man-hours and resource utilization for the said job, quotation and contracting procedure. Final assessment of AHMOE capabilities and contract review is done by Quality/Technical In-Charge.


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