Complete insights to launch a fashion e-commerce app


E-commerce business is incomplete without a ravishing app. If you are planning to indulge in e-commerce business then your app will be the frontliner in pleasing your users. Therefore, you must first concentrate on developing a robust and feature-rich app. We have a stunning fashion e-commerce app solution. Are you ready for the launch? Let me take you through the features of the app. Stay glued!

Presentable features of the fashion e-commerce app

Lookbook – Using the lookbook, users can get updated with the trending fashion and buy clothes accordingly. The lookbook should feature celebrities or models so that users will be easily impressed.

Virtual try-on – The virtual try-on will be close to your users’ hearts, as they can virtually try out clothes and accessories. Based on the look, users will make their buying decisions.

Wishlist – What if a user feels that a particular cloth is lovely but can’t afford it immediately? Yet they can add them to their wishlist and buy them later. Through this feature, users don’t have to search for the particular product again.

Size recommendation – Not all users will be aware of their exact size. To help users in finding the right size, there is a size recommendation feature that has size charts based on different metrics.

Payment integration – You can integrate any type of payment option as the app supports multiple types of payment modes.

Order tracking – While we have been seeing some of the splendid features, here comes the tracking feature that is joining the queue. After ordering, users can track them via the in-app tracking feature.


I believe that there can’t be any other amazing features like the ones listed above. I am sure you will be interested in launching the fashion e-commerce app. Reach out to us immediately!

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