Complicated Process to Choose A Pen for Your Use Made Simple

A pen is just like the car you drive, the colors you like, tie, and a hair style, the watch you wear, or shoes you wear. These may not be important Taken by themselves but about your personality, they can speak volumes together.

A favorite pen is everyone choice and that by numerous things, favorite pen like PARKER PEN may be dictated. For example, the pen of choice for signing letters or documents maybe a fountain pen; a person wants a pen that makes a statement in a meeting maybe; while being engaged in rigorous writing, a functional pen is needed. To address the limitless personal preferences or needs, there certainly seems to be a plethora of reasonably priced pens whatever the need.

In the final analysis like most product designs, it comes down to compromise. There are pens that feel terrible when writing with them but are pleasing to the eye. Some pens don’t provide a certain amount of drag but allow for smooth writing that allows for more deliberate writing. Each ink formula has its own feel and look, there are now various styles of ink to add some confusion.

As to style of paper the writer uses there needs to be some consideration in all this discussion. For example, some paper styles enable gel inks and fountain pen to bleed through; not good. In choosing writing instruments, it’s the art of compromise. When trying finding a pen that will become your favorite for special occasions or every day, here are some issues to consider.

Appearance– Having a nice design of pen like YOROPEN feel in the color and hand that is appealing the choices are plentiful if you are searching for an instrument. With some that are made of metal, colored accents and accent chrome, there are colored bodies, translucent bodies and rubberized grips.

Applications-As previously noted what pen is going to be functional or be a style statement? For both, maybe you need a pen.

Function versus Design – With colors range, there are fat versus thin barrel pens. To what feels great in your hand, ultimately is comes down. As for everyday writing, most people do not use them, fine point and felt tip permanent markers are included in this discussion.

Operation– Stick pens must not be ruled out; feeling great and writing well in the hand and some in various ink and point styles and colors (emulsion inks, ballpoint, gel and roller ball)there are some great stick types. There are many options in click or retractable styles for personal use not found in cabinet of the office supply.

Manufacturing a pen like MONTEVERDE PEN that would write upside down, on oily surfaces, and under water, there was a time when there was only one Pen Company. Manufacturing pens capable of writing in that kind of environment, Today there are a couple of other companies.

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