Composition and Structure of Raymond Mill Bearing

Raymond mill is a mechanical equipment used for ore grinding and processing. Raymond mill has high grinding efficiency and can be used for grinding and processing of a variety of different ores. Raymond mill is a very important ore grinding and processing mechanical equipment. Today, I’m here to tell you that the very important part of Raymond mill is the bearing of Raymond mill.

The inner ring of the bearing of Raymond mill is tightly matched with the shaft and rotates with the shaft. The ring is tightly matched with the shaft and rotates with the shaft; The outer ring of the bearing of Raymond Mill forms a transitional fit with the bearing sitting hole and plays a supporting role as a rolling element; With the help of the cage, it is evenly arranged between the outer ring and the inner ring to play the role of rolling and rotation. The cage: evenly separates the rolling elements and plays the role of guiding rotation; Standard dimensions of rolling bearings:

1. Radial ball bearing — Radial ball bearing.

2. Angular contact bearings or tapered roller bearings.

3. Thrust bearing.

The first thing to do before installing the bearing of Raymond mill is to clean up. First dig out the residual oil in the bearing. In this process, remind the users to pay attention to avoid damage to the rolling surface of the bearing, and then wash it with gasoline. Cotton yarn should not be used, but clean cotton cloth should be used.

It should also be noted that the fit dimension of the bearing journal and bearing seat of Raymond mill should be measured with a micrometer, installed in accordance with the fit tolerance requirements specified in the drawing, and the ovality and conicity should not exceed one fourth of the diameter tolerance; Check the fillet of the light neck to meet the requirements of the bearing inner sleeve, and the shaft shoulder and the bearing inner sleeve should fit closely.

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