Concept Art Leaked For The Upcoming Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order

Respawn is set to unveil its new Star Wars: Jedi Fallen Order title after the massive success of its recent battleground style game Apex Legends. The said Star Wars game is already much awaited by the franchise fans, and many believe in gathering some details in the upcoming Star Wars Annual Celebrations.

But to a surprise, before the said event to take place, an online retailer managed to tease some excoriating information for all the Star Wars fans. Recently an online retailer at Amazon posted an image of a T-shirt which shockingly featured the concept art for the upcoming title.

Although this highly controversial image of the T-shirt was soon taken down from the Amazon website by the retailer, still many eager-eyed fans managed to take a screenshot of this teaser concept art, and within few minutes this image got viral on every known social media platform.

The posted concept art image of the commemorative T-shirt has allowed the diehard Star Wars fans to get some initial gist of the upcoming title and minor details on the T-shirt are providing some additional information which was not known prior to this accidental leak.

The image on the T-shirt featured a Jedi bearing a blue Lightsaber who is climbing through a rocky terrain mountain with a small droid which is practically scanning the environment. On the other hand of the landscape is a crashing Republic-era Star Destroyer which has crash landed to the ground and covers almost half of the landscape.

The plot line for the Star Wars Jedi is mainly focused on the Jedi Padawan, who is managed to escape the Emperor’s purge which is similar to the actual storyline featured in Revenge of the Sith. Currently, it is speculated that the upcoming Star Wars title would be based on the Dark Times as the Emperor Consolidates his evil force on to the Galaxy and kill each and every left out Jedi.

Although no such extension to the storyline could be derived from the leaked T-shirt image still, the appearance and graphics on the Star Wars merchandise appear pretty impressive and cool enough to flaunt around.

Of course, plenty of other merchandises would soon be available for fans to collect, but with the disclosure of the latest T-shirt on the Amazon made a lot of news as it was accidentally revealed a bit sooner.

Many believe that this was more of a publicity stunt to promote the upcoming Star Wars game, but other community members believe that this was just an accident and Star Wars don’t require any promotional trick to sell more copies.

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