Concrete Cutting – Basement Remodeling Done The Right Way

Basements are dark rooms in homes that are usually used to store household appliances and property that is not in use anymore. Booms are becoming more and more expensive by the day and finally this neglected room It’s becoming more recognized As extra living space that can be useful. This is why there is a trend of modeling the basement. If you’re reading this, you want to know the right ways to renovate and remodel your basement and this article is all about that. Read on to the end to find out more details.

There are some factors you need to consider before renovating your basement. these include

  • The height of the ceiling
  • Steepness of the stairs
  • Emergency egress or escape

These are the general requirements, but they may differ depending on where you live. If you have any doubts, you can contact someone in the nearest building department to help. 

What is an emergency escape?

An emergency egress or escape is a door that is wide enough so for people to escape during times of distress or safety concerns.

A width of at least 30 inches is considered safe enough for the door of the emergency escape, but this is a bit different for Windows. 

Safe size for a basement window

Compared to doors, a new basement window has to be a specific size and wheat and should have a certain distance from the floor to be declared safe. 

It may seem a little humorous but the method of calculating the safe height and width of a basement window is by evaluating how easy it would be for an elderly person who is overweight or obese to climb out the window in case of an accident or emergency. This is the metric because it represents the worst possible case. It has to be an elderly person because they are often frail and cannot walk properly. Overweight in the sense that the window has to be wide enough to accommodate them. Smart. Isn’t it? 

For instance, if the window is pretty small and there’s an overweight person in the building, they might not be able to make it out of the house in time and would probably die as a result. 

Remodeling your basement

According to the majority of local building codes, a window and door escape should be a part of every basement. Also, it is required that an emergency exit be placed strategically in every bedroom basement. To properly carry out basement remodeling, you have to get a building permit. No, you can’t just renovate your house without a permit. This step will help you find out the building code in your area, and what safety measures are recommended to follow every step. What is worth doing is worth doing well, especially when it comes to the lives of your family members. 

Importance of an emergency exit

  1. It ensures everyone comes out alive in the event of an unfortunate situation.
  2. It allows natural light to enter your home. There is a huge difference between the absence of light and the presence of natural light in your home. It gives an overall warm and refreshing look to your home that makes it more conducive to live in.
  3. It allows for the proper flow of air. An extra basement window or door contributes to adequate aeration.

How to remodel a basement with concrete walls

Concrete is a hard material and requires specialized equipment and expertise. If you don’t have any of the skills or equipment needed, you can contact a company for concrete cutting services. Make a thorough research on the company to ensure that they are qualified in concrete coring services before hiring them. A professional cutter will get the job done perfectly without any accidents or costly mistakes. 

It may seem like so much work, time, and effort to remodel your basement properly. However, it’ll be worth it in the long run because nothing should be too much work when it comes to saving the lives of your family.

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