Configuration of Basalt Crushing Production Line

Basalt is a kind of industrial raw material with good wear resistance, corrosion resistance and high temperature resistance. It has a very high application value in the fields of highway, railway, chemical industry, construction, building materials, etc., and has a broad market prospect. With the increase of demand for basalt, the complete basalt crushing line developed has become the trend leading the basalt crushing industry and is favored by basalt processing plants. Here is a brief introduction of this basalt crushing production line.

Basalt crushing production line equipment

The equipment used in the basalt crushing production line is relatively diverse, among which the more important equipment includes jaw crusher, impact crusher, circular vibrating screen, etc., the following briefly introduces the use of these important equipment.

1. Jaw crusher
Jaw crusher is used for rough crushing processing of basalt. It is a kind of gravel mechanical equipment widely used in steel, chemical industry, building materials and other fields. Compared with similar equipment on the market, jaw crusher has the following performance advantages:

(1) Beautiful appearance, reasonable and compact internal structure, simple operation, advanced crushing process and small workload of workers.

(2) The crushing chamber has special shape, large volume, large treatment capacity and high yield per unit time.

(3) High crushing efficiency, low energy consumption and power consumption, low total operation cost and economical price

2. Impact crusher
The impact crusher is used for the secondary crushing of basalt, that is, fine crushing, with good crushing effect, good quality and reliable performance.

(1) The impact plate is made of German advanced high manganese steel, with excellent toughness, firmness and wear resistance, very low wear rate and long service life.

(2) It has a good regulating effect on the discharge particle size, large material handling capacity and high efficiency, which effectively realizes the purpose of more crushing and less grinding.

(3) The high-end iron passing system is set up to improve the operation stability and safety of the equipment, and the low-carbon environmental protection effect is better.

3. Circular vibrating screen
Circular vibrating screen is used for screening basalt materials. Its screen has very good wear resistance and firmness. It will not block, stop and other failures. It has stable operation, higher screening efficiency and reliable performance.

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