Connect Two Monitors to a Laptop With these Steps

Want to know how to connect two monitors to a laptop? Follow this article to the end, and we bet you will never go back to a single screen again.

Things are easy when you already have two video ports on your laptop; however, if you don’t have two video ports, you will need a display port splitter adapter, Thunderbolt port, or a USB external display adapter. Most of the laptops have an integrated graphics card, so it neither can be swapped with another card nor any other card can be attached to the laptop.

Connect Two Monitors with a USB External Display Adapter

A USB External Display Adapter can turn up your USB port into an external display port. Mainly these adapters fulfill the role of adding a Display Port, DVI port, HDMI, or VGA port to the laptops.

You will have to install its driver software before installing the adapter. If you are not able to figure out the driver software with your adapter, then you can have access to it directly from the website of the manufacturer.

The driver software will let your system communicate with the adapter through the USB port as though the USB port itself had multiple display ports. Once you have installed the driver software, shut down your PC. Plug your adapter’s USB end into the USB port. After that, turn on your PC and let it complete the booting process, and then you may move on to the further steps.

Make adjustments in your monitor to let your mouse’s cursor flow very smoothly between the additional monitors and your laptop display. Click on the Start menu and input Display. Go to Display Settings. The second and third display will be visible to you. Make some display adjustments to position the displays next to your laptop’s display and then click on Apply to accept the monitor’s position.

Connect Two Monitors Using a Thunderbolt Port

Nowadays, laptops are coming with a Thunderbolt port. You can find these ports both on Windows 10 and macOS laptops. You will find this port near to the power adapter. This port allows the laptops to plug into a docking station and that too with a single cable. The docking station provides you with audio, video, power, and also the data connection. All this is offered to you with the help of that single cable. This single cable also provides access to the ports of two external monitors from the single Thunderbolt connection.

If your laptop is also having a Display or HDMI port, you can add three external monitors. The setup process is easy and similar for both the dock and the hub. You need to plug the Thunderbolt cable on your laptop, and then you need to plug both the monitors into the dedicated ports. You need to adjust the monitor’s position from the Display Settings as described in the title above.

Connect Two Monitors Using a Display Port Splitter Adapter

The display port splitter adapters can easily take the DisplayPort or single HDMI’s output and extend the output of the video displayed across two or more monitors from your laptop. You need to plug the display port cable on your laptop. Then you need to connect the adapter ports to your adapter using the cables. Some of them may require driver software; however, most of these adapters don’t require software as they provide the plug and play installation. Once the settings are completed, adjust the monitor positions by going to the Display Settings.

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