Consider These Pros & Cons of Radiant Hydronic Heating System before Opting One

Floor heating, which is also called radiant floor heating, is a luxurious feature that focuses on a clean, comfortable and safe household environment. In this system, water pipes are installed under the floor of your house to provide warmth.

This heat is then transferred from the floor to all parts of the room in an even manner. Radiant floor heating is an effective means because there are no radiators or vents to supply heat in this system.

The idea of a heated floor is very appealing, especially during the cold winters when you find it much more comfortable to walk on a heated floor. The Hydronic Heating system comes with a lot of benefits and a few drawbacks as well. This makes it important to consider before making an investment in the system.

Pros of radiant heating system

1. Uniform heating: The biggest advantage of the hydronic heating system is that it uniformly heats the floor and all other parts of the room. There is no forced air circulation in this system, and heat is radiated from the bottom to the top of a room. This makes it feel more comfortable at lower ambient temperature levels.

2. No noise: The traditional heating systems have vents, radiators, and even heaters that create a lot of noise while heating the room. This noise is both irritating to tolerate and also hinders one from concentrating on his/her work. The radiant floor heating is very quiet, and no noise is produced from the system.

3. No maintenance: Once you have installed our radiant Heat Pump Hydronic system, then it comes with a guarantee of 15+ years. You don’t need to spend ample time/money on repair & maintenance. Apart from it, there are only a few exposed parts like the temperature control unit, radiant supply unit, and the electrical unit, so if any repair occurs, it is in these parts only.

4. Energy efficient: The radiant system makes the most efficient use of energy and is considered around 30% more energy efficient than traditional systems. There are no ductworks in the system that can lead to any possible heat loss.

Cons of radiant heating system

1. Cost: The price of installing the radiant heating system is a bit more than a component of traditional heating systems. Depending upon the quality of pipes and the system, the price ranges from 10$ to 20$ per square foot. However, it is a one-time investment and comes with low operation costs.

2. Flooring must be replaced: To install the hydronic heating system, the floor needs to be removed completely, as the pipes are to be laid down under the floor. This makes reinstalling the floor tiles or can also need new flooring in the rooms.

3. Floor height

If you want to install a Heat Pump hydronic system in your home, then you need to plan beforehand as the height of the floor increases after installing the system. If you have not planned then you might face a problem of an increased floor height throughout your home.

The above-mentioned points were some of the merits and demerits that you need to consider when you are planning to install a heating hydronic system as a heating unit for your household purposes.

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