Consider These Quick Tips Before You Buy A Bulldozer

If there is dirt to move, ground to level, or assets to pile, a used bulldozer for sale will get the call, and involved in that bulldozer is a blade perfectly intended for the job. But with every work the edge performs comes new wear and constant friction, which means no bulldozer blade lasts forever. If you are searching for a replacement bulldozer blade, we have put together this quick little round-up to help you find the perfect bulldozer blade for your used bulldozer and its jobs.


Should I Purchase A New Or Used Bulldozer Blade?

New OEM Bulldozer Blades

When exploring the condition of a bulldozer blade you want, consider the age of your machine. Does it create sense to invest heavily in an older device or may not suit your desires for much longer? New dozer blades from a dealer are expensive, and it does not always make economic sense to take that route, particularly with older machines.

New Aftermarket Bulldozer Blades

Aftermarket bulldozer blades can provide a great alternative to new dealer dozer blades. However, it is essential to get your edge from the right bulldozer supplier. For aftermarket bulldozer blades, ensure the supplier you are dealing with uses high-quality steel to guarantee it can handle the conditions you will be working in the future. The last thing you need is for your edges or corners to be ground down after only some jobs.

Used Bulldozer Blades

For most circumstances, a used bulldozer blade makes excellent sense for your machine and your budget. You can catch a brand of the original edge to your heavy device and be confident that it was ready of the highest quality. When searching for a used bulldozer for sale, ensure your supplier has thoroughly evaluated the dozer blade.

What To Look For In The Used Bulldozer Blade?

Even a used bulldozer blade is a fairly significant investment; thus, you will want to know the bulldozer blade you purchase will last for the long haul. You will want to ensure the seller has inspected and documented the state of:

  • Edges and corners
  • Blade arms
  • Pinholes
  • Moldboards
  • Any built-in hydraulic cylinders

While a crack is not always a deal-breaker, you will want to know if any exist in the blade; thus, you can provide photos. When it comes to used heavy bulldozer blades for sale, there are great deals out there, and some images will help you ensure you have found one.

What Are The Types Of Bulldozer Blades?

Every job wants the right tool, and with bulldozer blades, that is no different. When researching replacement bulldozer blades, you will have to consider what type of work the blade is typically doing and select the best edge for those works. Besides the size and shape of your bulldozer blade, the amount of control over your bulldozer blade for tilting, angling, and lifting will change how it works on your jobs.

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