Consider these tips if you want to change your upholstery fabrics


In reality, the majority of people who want to replace the upholstery fabric for their sofas merely consider colour.

Not everyone examines the quality and durability, though. The issue is that there are several other aspects of upholstery fabrics that are indisputable.

So if you want to change the upholstery fabrics then reach out to Sofa Reupholstery Services Singapore
with these considerations in mind.

Knowledge of fabric weaves
Let’s start by discussing weaves. Every fabric is made by weaving threads together, and the tightness of the weave affects both the feel and the longevity of the fabric. Compare the appearance and feel of loose-weave cheesecloth or draperies sheer to a pair of sturdy denim trousers. Since the cheese cloth’s threads aren’t pulled tightly but rather loosely, the fabric may drape more gracefully and enable more light to pass through. A thick pair of 100% cotton jeans have a weave that is as tight as possible, which increases their durability, makes them simpler to wash, and slows down the rate at which they lose their form. Let’s apply the same logic to materials for upholstery.

Examine the fabric specifications
Just as you would examine the care instructions for a garment, it is crucial to look at the thread makeup of the fabric before reaching the Sofa Reupholstery Services Singapore. The importance of this increases if you shop online. You can learn a lot about a fabric’s tensile strength, hand, and softness from its thread composition that you can’t learn from looking at it online.

The aesthetics and sense of art that a person has completely determine colour.
You only need to understand and practise the fundamentals. Bold colours shouldn’t be used in a tiny space. A delicate colour can be disastrous if you have children or animals. Additionally, after a fad is over, fashionable colours could seem dated. So what do you need to do? The deep, neutral colours that blend in and complement practically any decor would be a safe pick for you.

Balance and consonance
Your sofa’s fabric should complement its style, construction, and design. A straightforward and plain fabric would go well with a traditional-style sofa.

While colour may still be the most important factor when choosing upholstery fabric, in practice durability is more important. But you need to be aware of your preferences before pursuing the extra durable one.

Leather or microfiber fabrics are preferable if your upholstery fabric is used frequently, shared by children, dogs, or both. You can settle for woven ones if you don’t have that load but yet want one that will last. The printed cloth is perfect for edgy, irregular uses.

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