Consider Your Eyewear an Investment in Your Style

What kind of eyewear are you wearing? If you’re like most, they’re probably mass-produced stock frames, meaning they’re right off the shelf and made in an attempt to be “one size fits all.” While most of us have gotten used to having to compromise when it comes to eyewear,“ good enough” isn’t something we should aim for when it comes to something as important as eyewear.

Stock eyewear typically does the bare minimum to help you see and look somewhat decent if you’re lucky enough to have a face close to the “average” one that stock frames are modeled after. But what if you have smaller features and need small frame glasses? You could shop in the kids’ section, or you could invest in your style and sight with custom-tailored eyewear made specifically for your face. Here are a couple of reasons why investing in your eyewear is a worthy investment in your style.

They Live on Your Face All Day Every Day

Think about how good it feels to rock a bespoke suit made to fit your exact measurements. That extra investment in the custom look and fit is worth it, isn’t it? The thing is, you only wear a custom-made suit a time or two throughout the week. But when it comes to prescription glasses, you wear the same pair for hours on end each day. Why wouldn’t you want them to feel just as good as your favorite specially made suit?

Many people make the mistake of thinking that glasses are glasses, and that as long as the prescription is correct and the style is in the ballpark, there isn’t much more to it. But ask anyone with a pair of custom-tailored eyewear, and they’ll tell you that there is, in fact, more to it.

Glasses designed to fit your unique facial features are more comfortable, and annoyances from minor to major like red nose marks and headaches are alleviated. Even if you don’t have any major qualms with your current frames, when you try your new custom-tailored glasses, you’ll wonder how you went so long wearing eyewear off the shelf. You might even find that you’ve simply taken it as the norm that you always had to push up your glasses or settle for frames that didn’t look quite right or fit.

When Eyewear Fits Better, It Looks Better Too

Besides just feeling better, if your glasses or sunglasses are custom-made to your unique facial features and characteristics, they look better as well. Not many think of their technical glasses measurements as a make-or-break point of style and fit, but just like you want your clothes to complement your best features, your glasses should be the same way.

For example, if your eyes are narrow-set, you wouldn’t want wide lenses that contrast with your eyes. And if you have a round jawline, you’ll look best with contrasting angular frames. There’s a lot that goes into getting the perfect fit, but fortunately, thanks to custom-tailored eyewear company Topology, the process is seamless, and the style results speak for themselves.

About Topology

Topology is leading the eyewear revolution with their custom-tailored glasses and sunglasses designed for every one face. Topology knows that when your eyewear fits better, it looks better too, and they give you the power to design and create your own unique pair of frames around your facial features and characteristics. The process is incredibly simple, as the Topology App with its cutting-edge AR technology does all of the technical work. All you need to do is select your preferred frame style, color, and materials and Topology handles the rest. Whether you need large frame glasses, glasses for small faces, or just want eyewear that looks and fits exactly as you imagine, Topology has you covered.

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