Considerations To Know About Business Credit Repair

One of the first steps to fixing a company’s credit is to fix the information that is on its business credit reports. This includes looking into the various credit reporting agencies that report on business credit, and verifying the information, and applying for a DUNS number. Using a business credit repair program allows you to track your reports in real-time and get free tools such as a DUNS number , as well as an Experian Smart Business credit report. After these steps, it is possible to begin the process of repair. Get more information about Authorized User Tradelines


DisputeBee is a great choice for those looking to start a credit repair company. With its fully automated dispute management system, you can handle all the paperwork for your clients and employees from your home. You can also create bulk letters and then send them through an API. DisputeBee provides a great value for money with a wide range of features for business owners. The biggest disadvantage is its steep learning curve. This could make it difficult for your business to grow as quickly as you’d like.

The DisputeBee business plans have a lot of features that will simplify the process of organizing your work. You can add as many clients you wish to. You can also assign different team members. Advanced dispute resolution strategies can allow you to manage large disputes and generate bulk letters. These letters can be tailored and sent out to clients. DisputeBee offers a dedicated dashboard that helps you manage many clients.

After you have created an account, you can write dispute letters for the credit agencies by using DisputeBee’s tool. The interactive dashboard makes it easy. You can even draft letters of dispute based on the information you’ve already supplied. You can also employ an agent for credit repair if you aren’t confident in writing letters. DisputeBee also has a Business Plan, which includes pre-written dispute letter templates and intelligent suggestions. The Individual business plan includes support for Experian and credit card companies.

Office Garner

The main benefit of using Office Garner for business credit repair is that they provide extended reporting to credit reporting agencies that are not well-known that include D&B and Equifax. Shirtsy is a great alternative that reports to all four credit bureaus. Shirtsy allows you to apply for credit online. They will even give you a $1,000 credit boost for every order over $80.

Make sure to select a vendor who reports on-time payments if you’re looking to improve your credit score for your business. Office Garner can help improve your credit score of your business by paying on time to many vendors including credit bureaus. Also, you should consider Creative Analytics’ digital marketing services, and Wise Business Plans’ vendor accounts, as they can be a great source of information.

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