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Norton is an Antivirus software package which is developed and distributed by the world famous Symantec Corporation since 1991 and comes under computer security products.

Know Why to Choose Norton:

It is not a platform-dependent software, so we can run it on various any operating system such as Microsoft Windows and Macos and fully compatible with all their versions such as version Window 2010, 2012, Mac OS X Lion etc. To identify the viruses it uses signatures and heuristics. Its other features are e-mail spam filtering and phishing protection.

How to Install Norton Antivirus?

You can easily download Norton security product from a retail store or from any affiliated website. Now follow the following steps given below:

  1. Step 1: Go to and sign in.
  2. Step 2: Create an account and complete a sign-up process.
  3. Get started and enter a new product key. (Your product key is of 25-characters key placed inside the CD that you purchased online or from a retail store)
  4. Step 4: Click agrees and install.

If you are still facing any technical problem in installing your Norton antivirus software, our antivirus expert team is here to help you. For more information visit our website or dial toll-free number 1-877-230- 4445 Norton Antivirus Customer Support Number.

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