Container Shipping

Just Customs was formed in June 2020.  It all started with enjoying March 2020 lock-down a little more than anticipated.  The flexibility of working from home was just too good.  Not to mention no rush-hour traffic! Container Shipping

With a young family I worked part time hours, as they reach their teens and are more independent, I find myself with extra time.  Why not spend those extra hours being productive, and what better way to do that than to do what I love, clearing freight…sounds crazy I know, but I enjoy my job!

I have been a qualified customs broker for over 25 years, wow, that long, how time flies!  I have worked in several companies & learnt a great deal from some wonderful people.  My most recent and longest serving role was Customs Manager for Multi Freight Ltd, and as I start my new venture, they continue to move with me.  I can’t be too bad!

Life as a Customs Broker began for me in my late teens as a customs runner for an international moving company, personal effects.  A few short years later I moved into the city to work in commercial freight & clearances.  After a mini break in Europe, it was back to an intermediate broker role out at the Airport where I spent the next 7 years fine tuning my skills.   The Customs Manager there was brilliant.  The next few years were spent working in-house for a flooring importer in an admin/broker role before returning to the Airport in my most recent employment, Customs Manager.  Two children and 15 years later I am ready to take the leap to self-employment. Air Freight NZ


What do we do?

Just Customs focus is on customs clearances, be it for imports, exports, personal effects or commercial cargo. Just Customs will work with NZ Customs and Ministry of Primary Industries (MPI) to get your goods released and enable collection of your freight.

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