Content Marketing Trends in 2022

The trends in content marketing can change thanks to multiple factors, including advancements in technological development. One notable development is AI virtual assistant technology as the AI becomes more intelligent in interpretation and recognition. This prompted multiple users to use voice searches instead of standard keyword searches when using their mobile devices.

The shift in customer behavior resulted in content marketing trends changing to accommodate this. Currently, the trend is to use interactive content, infographics, voice search optimization, and empathic marketing. Large businesses may adapt easily to the new trends, but small businesses will need to outsource to the best SEO agency Philippines to have a cost-effective means to adopt the trends.

Relying on the best SEO services company Philippines allows small businesses to adopt the new trends without the cost of hiring, equipping, and training new personnel to attempt to keep up with the trends. People can learn more about the trends mentioned above through this infographic by Digital Marketing Philippines. This should be enough to convince small businesses to outsource as the trends themselves can be hard to implement without experienced staff.

Content Marketing Trends

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