Content Quality and User Experience- The SEO Connection



Every brand strives to rank on top of the search engine results page. However, this can prove to be quite challenging. To improve their SERP ranking, brands must understand how SEO works and what it entails.

Instead of focusing solely on search keywords and tags, a brand must focus on the overall performance of the website. After all, search engines process a multifaceted data, and not just the number of clicks a site gets. Consult an established Brisbane SEO company that can help you understand the impact of search engine result page ranking on your business.

To improve their performance, and show their users only relevant search results, search engines focus not only on the content of the website but also how users interact with it.

User experience is crucial to help with your ranking. When a user clicks on a website and spends some time on it, navigates through it quickly, and come back again and again, search engines take note of it. To search engines, this indicates that the site is more popular than the rest, and hence, of a higher quality.

Here is how search engines decide whether your website will have a higher ranking or not:

  • Engagement Metrics: When you search for something, the sites are presented in a specific order. If you click on the first link, and then come back and click on the second link, the search engine will interpret the first link as not being very relevant to your search results. In this way, as more and more users search for keywords and engage with the different links, search engines are able to gauge which link is the most relevant to the search.
  • Machine Learning: With Google’s new machine learning algorithm, almost 25% of Google’s search results were re-ordered, which is quite a significant change. These machine learning algorithms are able to emulate as well as produce human responses to search result pages. Hence, they can predict the relevancy of each search result to a particular topic.
  • Linking Patterns: It was always understood that websites which were of higher quality and relevant to a specific topic received more backlinks. This is important in determining the SERP rankings even today. However, link analysing algorithms have progressed dramatically over the years, yet the size, as well as the authority of a website’s links, still has a significant impact on SEO.

SEO is all about growing your content and ensuring that it is of high quality, informative, and is directly related to your website. Searches are done with the intent of gaining knowledge and information, and as long as your content is able to answer the searches made directly, it will have a higher SERP ranking.

Understanding SEO and how it works can be challenging, especially if you are new to the game. Marketing Sweets is a company which is dedicated to helping its clients learn more about digital marketing and SEO, and utilize these elements fully for the benefits of their business.

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