Control Your PC With the Best Android Apps

In recent years, Android has improvised a lot, and now it can be used in various ways. It was common to connect your PC with your Android devices and transfer files and data. But now, you can use your Android device as a remote control for your PC. The connection between the devices is mostly built via Bluetooth or Wi-Fi. Controlling your PC from your mobile can be very simple, and it is helpful in various situations. Use either of the following apps to gain remote access to your computer:


It is one of the best apps available that allows you to control any version of Windows, macOS, and Linux computers. It provides spontaneous support and remote control features. This app is famous for its security standards as it uses 256 Bit Session Encoding and 2048 Bit RSA Key Exchange. You can also share screens and get remote control of other devices at the same time. The intuitive touch and gesture controls make it easier to use. Files can be transferred in both directions, and the users can chat as well. It also offers real-time sound and HD video transmission. The multi-platform solution of this app allows you to connect to multiple devices at a time.

Chrome Remote Desktop

It is a browser extension that provides access to Windows PC, Linux desktop, or Mac securely from any Android device. This multi-user platform tool is available for free for every user. It requires a one-time authentication code before you share or gain access to the desktop. It also offers screen sharing, remote assistance, and other features to make your task easy. Your sessions are always end-to-end encrypted with Chrome’s SSL features that include AES. It supports audio streaming and functional copy paste for Windows.

VNC Viewer

Use their cloud services to connect remote desktop features easily. It offers instant access to Mac, Linux, and Windows computers and their mouse and keyboard. To ensure data security in your sessions, this app encrypts your data from end-to-end. The precision controls let you use your fingers to remotely control the mouse cursor of your computer. The scrolling bar above the virtual keyboard includes all the advanced keys such as command key, Windows key, Fn key, etc. They offer both free and paid VNC Connect subscriptions. You can also connect to computers using the third-party VNC compatible software.

Microsoft Remote Desktop

It is mainly meant for the Windows system, and it doesn’t require any software installation, but you need to configure the Remote Desktop. To run this app without configuring the Remote Desktop, you have to install Remote Desktop Assistant, and it will offer all the right choices for your computer. This app is loaded with all the essential features like shared clipboard, multi-touch experience, gesture controls, etc. Use the Remote Desktop Gateway to gain control over the remote resources like printer, mouse, and keyboard. The Network Layer Authentication provides a secure connection. You can also enjoy high-quality audio and video support using the Advanced Bandwidth Compression. All of the enterprise users have the benefit of using these features for free.

Splashtop 2

This app is not available on Linux platforms. You can use this app to connect from various devices, including Windows Phone and Kindle Fire. It offers high definition audio and video streaming on remote connections. It has a robust encryption system that includes logging, multi-level passwords, and audit trails. It is available for free to use on the local network. The business feature of this app contains remote print, multi-user access, chatting, file transfer, and more. You will be able to gain full access to applications, games, multimedia files, and more after you remote control your computer.

Unified Remote

Using this app, you can turn your device into a Bluetooth or Wi-Fi universal remote control for your Linux, Mac, or Windows computers. It is packed with over 90 programs that include presentations, media player, screen mirroring, file manager, terminal, mouse & keyboard, and much more. From the free version, you will get access to 18 remotes only. The free version also includes server password protection & encryption, single and multi-touch mouse controls, color themes, etc. The full versions will unlock the custom remote, widgets, quick actions, voice command, NFC action, IR actions, and other features. This app also offers unlimited streaming options.

Before you begin with any of the steps, do not forget to set up either Remote Desktop on Windows or VNC Server on macOS. You must install and configure the apps that are compatible with your computer and Android device.

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