Conventional accommodation for workers in remote areas

If you are carrying out a project in a remote area, such as an oil field, a research station, or a mining field, you surely need one or more Trailers or temporary conventional accommodation which is also called construction camps.

What is the importance of Construction Camps?

While this might seem like a good idea, the truth is that this idea of saving money by setting up accommodation close to the workplace. It will end up costing you more, in terms of time, if you involve your own workers in setting up, managing, and maintaining your remote camps.

You cannot expect your workers to perform their duties in such a remote area and also take care of the camp management duties.

The truth is that the time your workers spend setting up exploration camps, they should spend doing their main job – drilling for oil, looking for minerals, or doing the research tasks they came here to do.

Because your workers are not trained to install homes, and if forced to do so, they will lose their stability and, as a result, their own personal safety could be compromised.

And if you add to that that they too must prepare their own meals, or do cleaning, then you are completely killing their motivation for work.

This is where companies such as are so important. That aside from assembly, they also take care of managing the workforce accommodation, to help you address those issues.

We specialize in everything that is needed to make your remote workers feel comfortable and well cared for in their accommodation.

You have a lot of experience in these things, regardless of where you work or how many workers you have. We can take care of everything from building, setting up, and managing the mining camps or temporary accommodation. We also take care of camp security matters, providing a nutritious meal, as well as any services that your workers require to feel comfortable away from their homes.

They are also in charge of setting up and managing entertainment areas: gyms, TV rooms, Wi-Fi rooms, etc. Once these very important areas of your project have been taken care of, your workers will be able to focus on the tasks you hired them for, efficiently, because they stay truly motivated.

Businesses working far from civilization must seriously consider using these services of construction camps or else they will not meet their goals.

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